The Presidential Suite Mansions for the Uber Rich

June 5 (Bloomberg) –- For luxury hotels, one presidential suite is no longer enough. Posh properties around the globe are re-thinking designs to cater for a growing clientele of ultra-wealthy guests who demand absolute privacy -- plus extra space for their entourage. That means more high-priced suites, separate entrances and elevators, and in one case -- your own private post code. Bloomberg's Tom Gibson reports. (Source: Bloomberg)

France's Uncertainty: Politics, Economics and Terror
33:25 - Jonathan Fenby, co-founder at Trusted Sources, and Gemma Godfrey, founder and chief executive officer at, discuss political and economic uncertainties faced by France and look at the overall European economy ahead of this week's meeting of the European Central Bank. They speak on "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)
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