Photographer: The Morrisons/Bloomberg

In the Kitchen With Bentley Hall, Good Eggs CEO

The 35-year-old head of the San Francisco-based grocery delivery service lives in a Cape Cod-style cottage in Marin, Calif., with his wife Nicole Hall and their two children, Grayson and Trevor. Photographs by The Morrisons/Bloomberg

In a new series called "In the Kitchen," we'll take a peek at how food entrepreneurs use their own cooking spaces. Here we watch as Bentley Hall, the CEO of Good Eggs, cooks with his family in their tidy, eat-in kitchen. Good Eggs is an organic food delivery service in the Bay Area that pledges to get local food to your home within one day of harvest.

  1. An Early Meal

    An Early Meal

    The family sits down together to eat on the weekends. We get up really early because breakfast is my favorite meal and I love to cook breakfast,” Hall says. Here, the gang enjoys breakfast for dinner.

  2. Good (Poached) Eggs

    Good (Poached) Eggs

    To prepare a simple, nourishing meal for the kids, Hall will make poached eggs (adding a splash of vinegar in the water) and avocado toasts.

  3. Family Heirlooms

    Family Heirlooms

    Hall’s grandmother is French, and she instilled an early love of eating and cooking in him; his family passed down these antique silver serving pieces with deer-horn handles. “I’m excited to break them out at Thanksgiving, he says.

  4. On the Top Shelf

    On the Top Shelf

    Hall's mugs come from the local ceramicists at Heath. His brown spirit collection includes a bottle of 15-year Pappy Van Winkle and a precious bottle from the independent Italian whiskey blender, Silvano Samaroli.

  5. Cheese Whiz

    Cheese Whiz

    Everyone’s happy with wedges from Cowgirl Creamery, a 2o-year-old cheese company in San Francisco that recently was acquired by the Swiss brand Emmi. Hall’s cheese board has sentimental value: It’s made from an old walnut tree that grew in his parents’ yard in Vermont.

  6. Recipe for a Party

    Recipe for a Party

    Hall lived in London before moving to the Bay Area, where he joined the delicious cult of Ottolenghi. “We love to make really simple Middle Eastern food for a party,” says Hall, “so we’ll pile the table with shredded roast chicken, feta, pomegranate seeds, homemade hummus, roasted vegetables, and pita bread. That way everyone can make exactly what they want.”

  7. Kids in the Kitchen

    Kids in the Kitchen

    Hall renovated the kitchen three years ago with a new stove but keeps it pretty simple when it comes to his tools. “I don’t need much more than my Shun chef’s knife, a bunch of good All-Clad pans, and a Vitamix.”

  8. In the Fridge

    In the Fridge

    What you’ll find in Hall’s fridge: some of the country’s best yogurt (Straus), Icelandic beer (Einstök Ölgerð), and cold brew (Jittery John’s).

  9. A Cottage in Marin

    A Cottage in Marin

    The home was a fixer-upper when he moved into it in 2008. He promptly cleaned out the yard and rebuilt the back gate.

  10. Green Fingers

    Green Fingers

    The family heads to the garden to inspect the strawberry plants’ progress. The Halls also grow lettuce, peas, carrots, corn, and tomato plants.