Photographer: Marc Hill/Bloomberg

Inside Ferrari's Unrivaled Car Collection

The iconic Ferrari will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Oct. 21 as parent company Fiat Chrysler aims to sell 10 percent of the company to investors. The maker of models like the Testarossa, GTO and the 1 million-euro hybrid LaFerrari will be fully separated from the Italian-American carmaker by the beginning of 2016. The sale is part of a plan by Chairman Sergio Marchionne to raise cash for Fiat Chrysler and allow Ferrari to become a fully fledged luxury goods company. The brand was founded in Maranello, a small town in Northern Italy, by former race driver Enzo Ferrari. And since 1947, all of its cars have been made at a plant there, where Ferrari also owns a museum. Photographs by Marc Hill for Bloomberg

  1. Birthplace of Ferrari

    Birthplace of Ferrari

    Maranello is not just the place where Ferrari builds its cars. The small village in the Italia motor valley, about 200 kilometers from Milan, is the home of the carmaker since Enzo Ferrari built its first production cars to finance its race business.

  2. Formula 1 Royalty

    Formula 1 Royalty

    Ferrari is the only car maker to have competed in every edition of the Formula 1 championship since its creation in 1950.

  3. Heritage


    Since the inaugural Formula 1 season, it's won 15 drivers' and 16 construction titles and holds the record for the greatest number of F1 wins.

  4. World War I Hero

    World War I Hero

    Enzo Ferrari was inspired by the Count Francesco Baracca, a hero of World War I, who used to paint a horse on the side of his planes.

  5. The Prancing Horse

    The Prancing Horse

    Ferrari got the blessing from Count Francesco Baracca's mother to use the horse on his cars.

  6. LaFerrari


    LaFerrari is a special edition priced at 1 million euros and is Ferrari’s first ever production car to be equipped with the F1-derived hybrid solution gasoline-electric motor.

  7. Viale Enzo Ferrari

    Viale Enzo Ferrari

    Ferrari's plant in Maranello was renovated in 1990s with the help of superstar architect Renzo Piano, who designed the wind tunnel where cars are tested. Viale Enzo Ferrari is a large boulevard that winds its way through the campus with other smaller cross “streets,” named in honor of the great Ferrari drivers who won a World Championship.

  8. Design Evolution

    Design Evolution

    The Maranello headquarters have always housed not only the executive offices, but also all of the GT and Formula 1 design and production areas.

  9. The Badge

    The Badge

    The carmaker has capped sales to maintain its exclusivity and plans to boost production by 25 percent to 9,000 cars in 2019 as the number of wealthy drivers increases.

  10. DIno


    A 1969 Dino 246 GT on display at the museum. The Dino stable of cars are named after Enzo Ferrari’s son.

  11. I Heart Maranello

    I Heart Maranello

    Ferraris parked outside a retail outlet selling Ferrari merchandise in Maranello.

  12. The 166 MM Berlinetta Vignale

    The 166 MM Berlinetta Vignale

    A 166 MM Berlinetta Vignale from 1952.

  13. Under the Hood

    Under the Hood

    An F140 B engine used in the Enzo Ferrari sports car.

  14. Berlinetta


    A 250 GT Berlinetta Passo Corto, right, on display at the museum.

  15. The 250 LM

    The 250 LM

     A 250 LM was the last Ferrari to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1965.