Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby's via Bloomberg

Twelve Legendary Vintage Cars on Auction at Villa d’Este

This weekend on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como, an array of 37 of the world’s finest cars will be auctioned off by RM Sotheby's. The auction, related to the annual Concorso di Eleganza Villa d’Este, will include 17 Ferraris, two vintage Rivas, and a motorcycle. At the Concorso, historic cars will vie for the “Best of Show” prize, among others, awarded to an automobile expressing beauty, passion, and uniqueness. See highlights here.

  1. 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

    1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spider

    The starring lot of the auction, this is one of the most collectible cars that Ferrari has produced. “Perhaps the most beautiful convertible car ever made, and featuring the powerful Colombo-designed 3.0-liter V12 engine, this spacious and versatile two-seat sports car with race-car performance is the ultimate road-going Ferrari,” says Peter Wallman, car specialist at RM Sotheby’s. It’s one of only 16 open-headlight versions and the 18th of just 56 SWB California Spiders rolled out. It won the Ferrari Classiche Cup for the finest Classiche-certified automobile and received a “Mention of Honor” at the 2013 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.


    Estimate: $12,140,000 – $14,347,000

    Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  2. 1992 BMW K1 Motorcycle

    1992 BMW K1 Motorcycle

    The 1992 BMW K1 is the first production BMW motorcycle to feature four valves per cylinder. One hundred percent of the proceeds of its sale will benefit Caritas International in support of earthquake relief in Nepal.


    Estimate: $22,000 – $34,000

    Source: RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  3. 1950 Ferrari 195 Inter Berlinetta

    1950 Ferrari 195 Inter Berlinetta

    This car was commissioned on Oct. 26, 1950, and soon after was shown at the Brussels Motor Show. It raced on the legendary Liège-Rome-Liège rally in late August 1957, with De Lannoy and Henry in the cockpit. As the third of only a few Ferraris bodied by Carrozzeria Ghia, it represents one of the most important remaining examples of an early coachbuilt road-going Ferrari.


    Estimate: $1,377,000 – $1,818,000

    Source: Tom Wood/RM Sotheby's via Bloomberg
  4. Brigitte Bardot’s 1959 Riva Florida

    Brigitte Bardot’s 1959 Riva Florida

    One of two Rivas offered during the sale, Nounours was gifted to Brigitte Bardot by her first husband, Roger Vadim, in 1959. The French actress kept it anchored outside her famous villa, La Madrague, in St. Tropez.


    Estimate: $88,000 – $132,000

    Source: Tom Wood/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  5. 1985 Ferrari 288 GTO

    1985 Ferrari 288 GTO

    This 1985 288 GTO—along with a 1991 F40, a 1996 F50, and a 2002 Enzo—are the Ferrari “hypercars” included in the auction. Boasting in excess of 2,000 brake horsepower among them, they embody the peak of supercar engineering in their respective eras and form an important part of Ferrari’s reputation. The 288 GTO was the next in line after the 250 GTO, thought by many to be the finest sports racer Ferrari ever produced. Born from the 1984 FIA Group B race and rally homologation regulations, it was intended as a racing car but never made it to the tracks. Still, it was considered an extraordinary car.


    Estimate: $1,715,000 – $2,145,000

    Source: Remi Dargegen/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  6. 1991 Ferrari F40

    1991 Ferrari F40

    In 1987, Enzo Ferrari celebrated his 90th birthday. More important to him, however, was that 40 years had gone by since he built his first car. A year earlier, he was reported to have said: “Let’s make something special for next year’s celebration, in the way we used to do it.” And that celebration was the F40, the last one Ferrari would see launched by his legendary company.


    Estimate: $750,000 – $965,000

    Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  7. 1996 Ferrari F50

    1996 Ferrari F50

    The Ferrari F50 came with a goal: to offer a driving experience as close as possible to that of a Formula One, but with the practicality of a car for the road.


    Estimate: $1,125,000 – $1,445,000

    Source: Remi Dargegen/RM Sotheby's via Bloomberg
  8. 2002 Ferrari Enzo

    2002 Ferrari Enzo

    Successor to the F50, the Ferrari Enzo came out in 2002 featuring the best of technology, engineering, and design. There are no unessential elements in the cabin to distract the driver—not even a radio, which would add superfluous weight and mask the sound of the 12-cylinder engine.


    Estimate: $855,000 – $1,070,000

    Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  9. 1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Villa d’Este Coupé

    1949 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Villa d’Este Coupé

    One of just 36 built, this Mille Miglia Storica participant was the last handmade Alfa Romeo of its era, and the first road-going Alfa Romeo capable of reaching 160 kph (99 mph). It was previously owned by Dutch racing legend Toine Hezemans.


    Estimate: $661,000 – $771,000

    Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  10. 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster

    1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster

    Like the 300 SL Gullwing, the Roadster was the vehicle of choice for those with a taste for both aesthetics and high-level engineering. With a list price of $11,000, ownership of a new 300 SL was a dream for most.


    Estimate: $910,000 – $1,070,000

    Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  11. 1959 Bentley S1 Continental “Flying Spur” Sports Saloon

    1959 Bentley S1 Continental “Flying Spur” Sports Saloon

    The Bentley S1 Continental contrasted strongly with the company’s “Standard Steel” cars of the late 1950s—it was much faster. The Flying Spur came in two models—with either four or six side windows. The “Four Light” variant was the most rare, as it was used on only 14 S1 Continental chassis, of which only three were factory left-hand-drive examples. One of those three is the car offered here.


    Estimate: $200,000 – $255,000

    Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  12. 2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica

    2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica

    What makes this Ferrari special is its roof—the first of its kind to be used for a production car. When the roof is in place, its transparency can be regulated from within the cabin, to change the amount of light coming in. With the press of a button, the Superamerica can be transformed into a convertible, with the roof rotating to hide in the trunk lid in just 10 seconds. The car for sale has had a single ownership and shows just 700 kilometers (435 miles) from new. One of only 599 examples produced, it’s finished in rare Grigio Silverstone with leather interior.


    Estimate: $395,000 – $480,000

    Source: Jon Green/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  13. 1938 Fiat 1500 B Berlinetta

    1938 Fiat 1500 B Berlinetta

    With a beautiful, detailed Touring design, this Berlinetta is one of fewer than a dozen still in existence, and its ownership history is known from the beginning.


    Estimate: $190,000 – $235,000

    Source: Cymon Taylor/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg
  14. 2007 Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE

    2007 Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE

    An extremely fast car, this is one of just 10 manual-transmission examples delivered to Europe, and perhaps the only six-speed example upgraded to the HGTE specifications. Painted in Ferrari red with black interior, it’s fitted with several optional extras, including carbon-ceramic brakes, fully electric seats with Daytona-style inserts, and a Bose stereo system.


    Estimate: $240,000 – $320,000

    Source: Tim Scott/RM Sotheby’s via Bloomberg