Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg

See the New $362,000 Rolls-Royce Wraith, ‘Inspired by Fashion’

Rolls-Royce has unveiled the latest of its customized cars, the $362,000 Wraith “Inspired by Fashion.” The V-12 coupe premiered as part of a special scholarship program conducted by Rolls and the Pratt Institute, which follows the history of Rolls-Royce: Sir Henry Royce and his partner, Charles Rolls, used to build their cars near Savile Row and urge their customers to have their coaches finished to match favorite suits and gowns.

  1. The Exterior

    The Exterior

    The Wraith is a V-12, 642-horsepower coupe, controlled by an eight-speed automatic transmission. Combined fuel economy is 15 miles per gallon.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  2. The Branding

    The Branding

    The Wraith starts at $294,000, but this special “Inspired by Fashion” model costs $362,025. It even says “Inspired by Fashion” on it, in case you forgot what the inspiration was.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  3. The Body

    The Body

    The Wraith is a two-door sports coupe with 2+2 seating and suicide doors. Rolls arranged a fashion-themed photo shoot to promote it at the factory in Goodwood, England.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  4. The Stitching

    The Stitching

    All the stitching is hand-sewn by seamstresses in Goodwood.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  5. Technicians Hard at Work

    Technicians Hard at Work

    The Wraith “Inspired by Fashion” was designed by Michelle Lusby, an upcoming British designer at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  6. Interior Details

    Interior Details

    Lusby conceived the Wraith in Andalusian white with accent color choices including jasmine, tailored purple, and Mugello red. Wash your hands before you touch anything. In fact, just don’t touch anything.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  7. The Seats

    The Seats

    The Wraith comes with Rolls-Royce’s famous starry-night headliner, which uses tiny LED lights to create what looks like the night sky along the ceiling of the car. Seats feature massagers and heaters.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  8. The Wheel and Dash

    The Wheel and Dash

    The interior is a stark arctic white and black onyx with embroidered headrests, a jewelry pearl-designed clock on the dash, and a two-tone steering wheel that Rolls’s seamstresses in Goodwood have figured out how to make look seamless.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  9. The Wait

    The Wait

    Upon order of this special limited edition, construction time takes one to three months depending on bespoke requests.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  10. The Hood

    The Hood

    The Spirit of Ecstasy on the hood of the Wraith illuminates with the push of a button. The headlamps are auto-dimming and light-sensitive xenon.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg
  11. The Quantity

    The Quantity

    Rolls-Royce will make a limited number of the Wraith “Inspired by Fashion,” depending upon client interest. (Models not included.) Don’t expect to see hundreds of these on the road.

    Source: Rolls-Royce via Bloomberg