Photograph by Jeffery Salter for Bloomberg Businessweek

Young Money: Seven Successful Entrepreneurs Under Age 17

  1. Boo Boo Goo

    Boo Boo Goo

    Kiowa Kavovit
    7 / Los Angeles

    Kiowa’s patent-pending product Boo Boo Goo scored $100,000 in funding on Shark Tank. Her father, an inventor and actor (formerly on As the World Turns), helped connect her with investors and scientists.

    Photograph by Jeffery Salter for Bloomberg Businessweek
  2. Mo’s Bows

    Mo’s Bows

    Moziah Bridges
    12 / Memphis

    Since founding Mo’s Bows in 2011 with the help of his grandma’s sewing machine, Mo has sold about 5,000 bow ties, earning about $90,000. He names each design. Pictured here: Red Bold Gingham, $40.

    Photograph by Josh Anderson for Bloomberg Busienssweek
  3. Author


    Adora Svitak
    16 / Redmond, Wash.

    At 7, Adora published Flying Fingers, a book for children and parents that’s sold more than 10,000 copies. She campaigns for feminist issues and education reform and has given talks at Google, the United Nations, and ideas festivals.

    Photograph by Jose Mandojana for Bloomberg Businessweek
  4. ManCans


    Hart Main
    16 / Marysville, Ohio

    At 13, Hart wanted to buy a bike for a kids’ triathlon. Investing money from his paper route, he started ManCans, a purveyor of candles with manly scents such as Bacon and Dirt. Last year he sold $260,000 worth.

    Photograph by Greg Ruffing for Bloomberg Businessweek
  5. FishFlops


    Madison Robinson
    16 / Cypress, Tex.

    After years of bugging her dad, Madison persuaded him to help produce FishFlops samples, investing $900. Her company now sells internationally, with annual revenue of more than $1 million. Her new clothing line is sold at Saks Fifth Avenue.

    Photograph by Jennifer Boomer for Bloombeg Businessweek
  6. tTables


    Tanmay Bakshi
    10 / Brampton, Ont.

    Tanmay, who’s been programming since kindergarten, last year created tTables, a math app that’s been downloaded from Apple’s App Store almost 6,000 times. He’s now fielding requests from companies looking to hire him.

    Photograph by Daniel Ehrenworth for Bloomberg Businessweek
  7. Mobile Apps

    Mobile Apps

    Thomas Suarez
    14 / Los Angeles

    Thomas has developed more than 20 iOS apps, 9 Android apps, and 3 Google Glass apps. His 2011 TEDx talk on kids teaching kids to program has been viewed more than 3 million times.

    Photograph by Emily Shur for Bloomberg businessweek