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Hangover Helper: Breakfast Sandwich by Chef Thomas McNaughton

  1. Sandwich cure

    Sandwich cure

    Sometimes an egg sandwich is the only thing that works. We asked San Francisco’s Thomas McNaughton, three-time nominee for the James Beard Foundation’s Rising Star Chef of the Year award, for the optimal combination of bread, meat, and condiments to follow a long night of drinking with co-workers. “If I’m hung over, fat is going to get me through it, so this is a California-ization of a Southern chicken biscuit,” he says of his creation, a handheld riff on a popular brunch dish at his restaurant, Central Kitchen. Try making one the next time your head hurts, or teach the guy at the deli some new tricks to ease your painful commute.

    Photograph by Paul Thomas/Getty Images
  2. Two fried chicken thighs

    Two fried chicken thighs

    “Perfectly crispy. They help make this into a full meal, one you can hold in one hand.”

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  3. Two eggs, yolks runny

    Two eggs, yolks runny

    “This is basically a Benedict turned into a sandwich, and the gooey eggs, whether poached or fried, trick your brain into thinking it’s instant comfort food. The eggs also make it easier on the stomach.”

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  4. One buttermilk biscuit, cut in half

    One buttermilk biscuit, cut in half

    “It’s the perfect vehicle for all the sandwich’s other components. There shouldn’t be any chew to the biscuit—just light and fluffy—so you can tackle the whole sandwich and not feel like you’ve gained 20 pounds.”

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  5. Two tablespoons hollandaise sauce

    Two tablespoons hollandaise sauce

    “Brunch mayo! The body of this sauce is key. My belly is so acidic from the night before, I feel like this helps settle it.”

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  6. A quarter of an avocado

    A quarter of an avocado

    “It has huge fat content, which is what you need, and the creaminess contrasts with the texture of the fried chicken.”

    Photograph by Pete McArthur/Corbis
  7. Sriracha to taste

    Sriracha to taste

    “When I’m hung over, I crave spice. Maybe it’s because the palate is a little dull those mornings. The thing about sriracha is that it’s spreadable, so it gets around the whole dish more than a traditional vinegar hot sauce.”

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  8. Hangover food

    Hangover food

    Gourmet edition.

    Photograph by Joanna Mcclure for Bloomberg Businessweek; Food styling by Roscoe Betsill
  9. 9

    A fatty Southern chicken biscuit with a taste of California is just the cure for a hangover