Photograph by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Kanye West's Fashion Forays: Hits, Flops, Other

  1. Yeezus Walks the Runway

    Yeezus Walks the Runway

    Adidas, beware: Kanye’s fashion collaborations are never a sure thing.

    Photograph by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images
  2. 2006


    Project: Kanye promises a clothing line called Pastelle.
    Hype: “Rock Pastelle with Gucci on/With TVs in the ride, throw a movie on.” —Kanye, Gone
    Status: The clothes never surface in stores, and the endeavor is widely reported dead in 2009.

    Photograph by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
  3. 2006


    Project: Designs album-art-inspired sneakers for high-end Japanese apparel company A Bathing Ape (aka Bape).
    Hype: “Go ahead, go nuts, go ape s---./Especially in my Pastelle and my Bape s---.” —Kanye, Stronger
    Status: The sneakers inspire many knockoffs and more collaborations between Bape and musicians such as Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Dogg.

    Courtesy Bape
  4. 2009


    Project: Louis Vuitton releases a Kanye sneaker collection—three models in a variety of colors that sell for about $1,000 a pair.
    Hype: “I was forced to change my name to Martin Louis the King Jr. Address me as such.” —Kanye in a YouTube video
    Status: The kicks sell out quickly and are still priced at up to $9,000 on EBay.

    Courtesy Louis Vuitton
  5. 2009


    Project: Nike releases 3,000 pairs of the Air Yeezy and limits purchases to one pair per customer.
    Status: The shoes are snapped up for $215 and quickly sell for four-figures on the secondary market. There are still a few pairs on EBay going for about $4,000.

    Photograph by Jay West/Wire Image
  6. 2011


    Project: Kanye teams with Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti to create two shoe styles that retail for $1,625 and $4,888.
    Status: The sandals get favorable reviews in fashion magazines and are sold out online.

    Courtesy Giuseppe Zanotti
  7. 2011


    Project: Kanye’s Dw line makes its first appearance on the runways of Paris.
    Hype: “I took out motherf---ing loans to get the … best designers.” —Kanye at a Dw after-party
    Status: The line disappears under an onslaught of harsh reviews.

    Photograph by Giovanni Giannoni/Corbis
  8. 2012


    Project: Nike releases the second iteration of the Air Yeezy.
    Hype: “I’m ‘allowed’ to design one pair of sneakers every two years. I have more ideas.” —Kanye on Twitter
    Status: With a limited run and a $250 price tag, the sneakers take off again on the secondary market. One pair sells for $90,300.

    Photograph by target Presse Agentur GMBH
  9. 2013


    Project: French brand A.P.C. releases a collaboration with Kanye, including jeans and a $120 “Hip Hop T-shirt.”
    Status: An initial rush of buyers crashes the A.P.C. website, but some clothes are still lingering online.

    Courtesy A.P.C.
  10. 2013


    Project: Kanye and sportswear brand PacSun release merchandise for his Yeezus tour featuring the Confederate flag.
    Hype: “I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag.” —Kanye in a radio interview
    Status: Reverend Al Sharpton calls for a boycott of the merchandise and any stores selling it.

    Courtesy PacSun
  11. 2013


    Project: On Nov. 25, Kanye goes on the radio to promote an “official, nonofficial-official” deal with Adidas. Page Six reports it’s worth $10 million.
    Hype: “We welcome … one of the most influential cultural icons.” —Adidas statement
    Status: Pending.

    Photograph by PRNewsFoto