Courtesy TUI Cruises

Full Metal Cruise: Heavy Metal on the High Seas

  1. Sea Tour

    Sea Tour

    In early May, luxury liner Mein Schiff 1 (pictured) set sail on the Full Metal Cruise, a seven-day round-trip voyage from Hamburg to Southampton via Amsterdam. Europe’s biggest heavy metal cruise is operated by TUI Cruises, a venture between Europe’s largest tour operator TUI and Miami-based Royal Caribbean.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  2. Fans' Farewell

    Fans' Farewell

    The music lured about 2,000 metal fans to the Mein Schiff 1. Most were first-time cruisers. The average passenger age was 39; the typical age skew on a European ship is 45 to 65.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  3. Roadie Cases

    Roadie Cases

    The Full Metal Cruise was organized in part to drum up publicity and counter prejudice about cruises in a demographic that may have previously had reservations about them, says Godja Soennichsen, a TUI Cruises spokeswoman.

    Pictured, band equipment awaits loading.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  4. Beer Me

    Beer Me

    Per-head beer consumption was 16 liters, more than six times that of an average voyage.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  5. Onboard Tattoos

    Onboard Tattoos

    An onboard tattoo artist did a brisk business.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  6. Metal Fest

    Metal Fest

    Twenty-plus heavy metal acts, including Betontod (pictured), rocked the waves for a week.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  7. After Hours

    After Hours

    Customized features of the Full Metal Cruise were well-received. “After-hours heavy metal karaoke was especially popular,” says Soennichsen.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  8. Gamma Ray

    Gamma Ray

    Rays of sunshine in the afternoon, German metal band Gamma Ray at night.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises
  9. Kreator Kruise

    Kreator Kruise

    Among the attractions, German thrash metal band Kreator.

    Courtesy TUI Cruises