Courtesy Blofield

Wouldn't Your Office Be Cooler If ...

  1. ...It had a pool with a floating meeting table

    ...It had a pool with a floating meeting table

    Dutch company Blofield in April launched a redesigned DoNut, a circular, inflatable bench with a detachable table for indoor and outdoor use. The bench and table start at about $2,300. DoNuts float, but the company doesn’t recommend them for use in water. Honestly, though who wouldn’t want to try?

    Courtesy Blofield
  2. ...You could write on all the walls

    ...You could write on all the walls

    A finish called Wink, by New York design company Wolf-Gordon, makes any surface dry-erase-friendly for $2.50 per square foot. It can be painted on drywall and finished wood, and if you’re tired of drawing on whiteboards and chalkboards, you can apply it on those surfaces, too.

    Courtesy Wink
  3. ...The wallpaper twinkled

    ...The wallpaper twinkled

    This LED wallpaper by London design firm Meystyle is applied like any regular wallpaper, but when you plug it in, bulbs incorporated into the pattern light up. It costs roughly $250 to $320 per square meter. Just don't get caught daydreaming for too long.

    Courtesy Meystyle
  4. ...Coffee poured from the faucet

    ...Coffee poured from the faucet

    The TopBrewer coffee machine by Danish company Scanomat has a tabletop touchscreen menu or connects to your mobile device via an app, to brew a customized cup of espresso, cappuccino, or other coffee drink. Although the spout looks like a faucet, the machine makes one drink at a time.

    Courtesy Scanomat
  5. ...You had a $12,500 foosball table

    ...You had a $12,500 foosball table

    Any old startup can buy a foosball table for a few hundred dollars, but only the best (or the flashiest) would spring for this aluminum, 400-pound luxury table, which starts at $12,500, by Rhode Island company Mars Made.

    Courtesy Mars Made
  6. ...And your desk was a gaming platform

    ...And your desk was a gaming platform

    Lenovo’s Horizon, a 27-inch table PC, allows workers not only to collaborate but also to play games (it even comes with air hockey accessories). At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, a group of designers showcased concept pieces built for the PC. The At-UM table (pictured), by Brooklyn design firm UM Project, allows the PC to lie flat and stand up and has a drawer to hide your gaming accessories. A computer makes an impressive work surface—just don’t spill coffee on it.

    Courtesy Lenovo
  7. ...Your most serious client had to sit on this

    ...Your most serious client had to sit on this

    It’s pretty hard to sit still when you’re on this $100 ErgoErgo seat, which looks like it’ll propel you into the air if you get too energetic (don't worry, it won't). It is designed on the principles of dynamic sitting to keep the body moving and improve health and productivity. It also claims to “engage your core and back muscles to build strength and flexibility”—instant workout.

    Courtesy ErgoErgo
  8. ...Your cubicle wall looked like this

    ...Your cubicle wall looked like this

    The pieces of this modular wall by MIO come in colors you can mix and match. It costs about $280 for enough modules to surround a cubicle, depending on how much space you have. You also can customize them with any design (your company logo, your face, a picture of Warren Buffett—anything), though that costs extra.

    Courtesy Mioculture