Photograph by DIZ Muenchen GmbH, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo/Alamy

On a Baltic Island, Holiday Homes That Hitler Built

  1. Beach Resort

    Beach Resort

    On the island of Rügen, Germany, Adolf Hitler planned a resort for workers to enjoy vacations sponsored by the Nazi Party.

    Pictured, cornerstone ceremony of the KdF [Kraft durch Freude (Strength Through Joy)] beach resort of Prora, 1936.

    Photograph by DIZ Muenchen GmbH, Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo/Alamy
  2. Cornerstone Laying

    Cornerstone Laying

    Robert Ley, head of the German Labor Front, lays the cornerstone for the resort on May 2, 1936.

    Photograph by Ullstein bild/akg-images
  3. Baltic Shore

    Baltic Shore

    A view of the shore of the Baltic Sea at Prora.

    Photograph by Hans Blossey/euroluftbild/akg-image
  4. After the Fall

    After the Fall

    On Prora's beach, the first holidays of East Germans after the fall of the Berlin Wall, June 1990.

    Photograph by Jean-Paul Guilloteau/Roger-Viollet/The Image Works
  5. Apartment Blocks

    Apartment Blocks

    The Colossus of Prora is the dilapidated complex of identical, unadorned apartment blocks built by Hitler to house 20,000 vacationing workers. It’s more than twice as long as the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris.

    Photograph by Jens Koehler/AP Photo
  6. Neglected Buildings

    Neglected Buildings

    After being used as barracks and police vacation homes during the Cold War, the buildings fell into disrepair.

    Photograph by Hans Blossey/Euroluftbild/AKG-Images
  7. Weedy Gardens

    Weedy Gardens

    Amid weed-choked gardens strewn with rubble, colorful banners advertise new developments.

    Photograph by Dalia Fahmy
  8. Renovation Plans

    Renovation Plans

    Four of the eight apartment blocks are being renovated. Backers of the projects are betting on a continuing property boom that has lifted German home prices by 23 percent in the past five years.

    Courtesy Architekt
  9. Colossus Prices

    Colossus Prices

    Developers have started offering apartments in the Colossus of Prora for as much as $900,000.

  10. Vacation Destination

    Vacation Destination

    Developers hope to draw young vacationers with spas and tennis courts.

    Courtesy Architekt