Photograph by Anthony Musmanno

B-School Traditions: Carnegie Mellon's 'Buggy'

  1. Spring Carnival and Sweepstakes

    Spring Carnival and Sweepstakes

    Ah, spring and the annual “Buggy” race at Carnegie Mellon University. Student teams representing fraternities, sororities, and independent organizations (including students from the university’s Tepper School of Business), build and race composite vehicles around the streets of the campus. Officially known as Sweepstakes, the event has been part of Carnegie Mellon’s annual Spring Festival since 1920.

    The race itself is a relay, but instead of each of five runners passing a baton, they take turns pushing their buggy—a sleek, human-powered vehicle with a handlebar on the back for the runner to push. A driver rides inside the buggy to steer it. This year’s Sweepstakes was held on campus on April 23rd and 24th. Pictured: A student races inside a "buggy".

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  2. The Grand Event

    The Grand Event

    Spectators for Buggy gather around Posner Hall, home of the Tepper School of Business.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  3. The Start

    The Start

    The buggy race begins with a climb up Tech Street amid the cheers of spectators.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  4. Prep Work

    Prep Work

    A CMU student driver naps inside her buggy as the team make final adjustments for their next heat race.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  5. The Push

    The Push

    Shannon Ho, a sophomore business student at the Tepper School, pushing an early leg of the CMU Buggy competition.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  6. The Finish

    The Finish

    Sophomore business administration major Thomas Cooper pushes Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity’s buggy along the final stretch.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  7. Watching the Final Turn

    Watching the Final Turn

    Spectators watch racers on the CMU campus.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  8. Inside the Buggy

    Inside the Buggy

    A CMU student driver in standard prone position readies for the start of a heat race.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno
  9. School Spirit

    School Spirit

    CMU spectators cheer on the buggy racers.

    Photograph by Anthony Musmanno