Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg

B-School Traditions: Wharton and Philly Fight Night

  1. Fight Night 2013

    Fight Night 2013

    The most popular winter happening each year for Wharton MBAs is Philly Fight Night, an amateur boxing event that features business students sparring in the ring with their classmates and peers from other grad schools within the University of Pennsylvania.

    The 2013 event, held on March 23rd at the Derby Ink Gardens in downtown Philadelphia, attracted more than 1,600 spectators and raised $75,000 for the local Boys & Girls Club. Fight Night Chairwoman—and Wharton MBA—Jackie Pangilinan credits the event's popularity to its unique nature. "People can only imagine what it's like to get in the ring in front of 1,600 of your peers and do something completely outside of your comfort zone," she says. "All of our fighters are 100 percent amateurs, and most, if not all, have never even thought about being in a boxing match."

    The fight card included eight three-round bouts, with nine Wharton MBAs and one Wharton partner among the participants. Of the MBA boxers, four of the six men won their fights, and all four women in the two female bouts were representing Wharton.
    The Wharton boxers prepare for the annual event through the school’s popular Boxing Club, a group of more than 200 MBAs from all skill levels, which trains a few nights a week at a local gym.
    Pictured: Wharton student Dan "Balboa" Oppedisano receives words of encouragement from his trainer as he prepares to enter the boxing ring against Hamilton "Motion to Strike" Craig, a Penn Law student.
    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  2. The Squared Circle

    The Squared Circle

    The scene at Derby Ink Gardens Arena.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  3. Contact


    Wharton's Victoria "The British Bombshell" Carter (left) takes a hit from Jaclyn "The Real Housewife" Kinsell, also from Wharton.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  4. Outside the Ring

    Outside the Ring

    Ringside, fans watch as Wharton, Penn Law, and other University of Pennsylvania students face each other for Fight Night 2013.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  5. The Roar of the Crowd

    The Roar of the Crowd

    Wharton, Penn Law, and other University of Pennsylvania students cheer on the competition ringside.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  6. The Price of Victory

    The Price of Victory

    Despite winning his contest, Wharton's Emanuele Pascale (left) finds it hard to stand after his fight with UPenn Dental School's Konstantin Gromov.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  7. Down Goes Hamilton

    Down Goes Hamilton

    UPenn Law's Hamilton Craig spills over the ropes during his amateur boxing match with Dan Oppedisano.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  8. Waiting for the Bell

    Waiting for the Bell

    Konstantin "The Doctor" Gromov, an amateur boxer and student at the University of Pennsylvania's dental school, in the last moments of his fight against Emanuele "The Italian Stallion" Pascale, from Wharton.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  9. Going Out on Top

    Going Out on Top

    Dan Oppedisano (center) leaves the ring victorious after beating his opponent, Hamilton Craig.

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg
  10. Victory


    Wharton's Emanuele Pascale (left) celebrates his victory over UPenn Dental School's Konstantin Gromov (right).

    Photograph by Suzy Allman/Bloomberg