MGM Resorts' Diversity and Sustainability Show

  1. Corporate Training

    Corporate Training

    MGM Resorts International employees wrote, produced, and starred in their own production, Inspiring Our World: A Musical Journey, which explores MGM’s commitment to diversity and sustainability. It just may be the only corporate training program that involves sequined leotards.

    Pictured, the cast of Inspiring Our World performs “Engage Entertain Inspire” at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

  2. Percussion Dance

    Percussion Dance

    Performers use brooms in a percussion dance. All the costumes were made by MGM employees.

  3. Backstage


    Tess Quaglieri, a front desk manager at the Signature at MGM, applies her stage makeup.

  4. Prop Globes

    Prop Globes

    These globes were used as props in a song about sustainability.

  5. Give the Singer Some

    Give the Singer Some

    Leesa Patterson, supervisor of special projects at MGM Resorts International, receives applause after a song.

  6. Getting Ready

    Getting Ready

    Junior Bignoumba, a tram operator at Aria Casino, readies for a diversity dance.

  7. Co-Worker Support

    Co-Worker Support

    Pritesh Patel, a cage cashier at the MGM Grand, cheers on his co-workers.