Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems

Rover Madness: Curiosity-Themed Products

  1. Rover's Promoters

    Rover's Promoters

    It’s been almost four months since NASA’s Curiosity Rover survived its much publicized “Seven Minutes of Terror” and touched down safely on the surface of Mars. Since, the rover—which is about the size of a Buick sedan—has been busy wheeling around the planet’s Gale Crater, firing its head-mounted laser into Martian rock, collecting soil samples, and sending tweets and Instagram photos back to earth. Today, NASA announced the rover's initial findings, including results of its soil analysis. (Carbon and chlorine were detected, but scientists need to determine if they are from Mars rather than transported there with the Rover.) Meanwhile, Curiosity is leaving its mark back on earth, as well—and not just in science circles. It has inspired a host of geeky products. Bloomberg Businessweek rounded up some of the stranger ones.

    Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems
  2. Curiosity Mars Cardboard Cutout

    Curiosity Mars Cardboard Cutout

    Call it a “Fathead for nerds.” This cardboard cutout of the Curiosity rover measures 46 inches tall by 60 inches wide, putting it in the running for the largest useless thing on your wall.

    Courtesy Movie Cutouts
  3. Curiosit•E Hoodie

    Curiosit•E Hoodie

    £22.99 ($37)
    A surreal sweatshirt: Curiosit•E, which appears to be a mashup of the Curiosity rover and Disney’s WALL•E. Robot enthusiasts rejoice.

    Courtesy Something Geeky
  4. Porthole Decal

    Porthole Decal

    Pretend you're on the surface of Mars next to the rover with this “porthole” themed decal. (Or, just use it to hide any stains on your wall.) It's available at 13.75 inches in diameter and larger.

    Courtesy Etsy
  5. Tree Ornament

    Tree Ornament

    This snowflake-shaped aluminum ornament adds an otherworldly, space-age touch to any Christmas tree.

    Courtesy CafePress
  6. Smartphone Case

    Smartphone Case

    A smartphone protector for the truly dedicated robot lover who likes to spend for style.

    Courtesy Zazzle
  7. Coaster


    Unlike the real Curiosity, which traveled 352 million miles and survived a 13,200-mph descent into the Martian atmosphere, this coaster can be easily be "damaged" by overly "abrasive" cups and mugs.

    Courtesy CafePress
  8. Throw Pillow

    Throw Pillow

    A dead cat and Curiosity. Get it?

    Courtesy CafePress