Photograph by Kemal Jufri for Bloomberg Businessweek

What Cabdrivers Think of Obama

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    Bloomberg Businessweek photographed eight cabdrivers from around the world and asked them for their opinion of the U.S. since Obama became president four years ago.

    Iswanu Prilyawan

    “Since Obama became president of the U.S., it has gained more respect, especially from Muslim countries.”

    Photograph by Kemal Jufri for Bloomberg Businessweek
  2. 2

    Apostolis Filaos

    “I believe America is more respected mainly because Obama is closer to common people. I believe he has helped her reputation.”

    Photograph by Yannis Kontos for Bloomberg Businessweek
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    Xu Fu Ling

    “The Chinese people have always respected America. America helped China during the Second World War. But now, because America is getting involved in Chinese affairs such as territorial disputes, there are some problems.”

    Photograph by Daniel Traub for Bloomberg Businessweek
  4. 4

    Adel Shehata

    “The reputation is for the better. His situation with the Arab countries is better somehow. And he’s trying to improve the American-Arab relationship, not only Egyptian. So Obama is cooperating with all Arab countries.”

    Photograph by Shawn Baldwin for Bloomberg Businessweek
  5. 5

    Alexander Rossikin

    “He became a symbol of democracy and freedom for many people. He is intelligent, high-educated, tranquil, and diplomatic; he has humanistic values and adequate behavior. I have never wanted to visit America before, but now I do.”

    Photograph by Olya Ivanova for Bloomberg Businessweek
  6. 6

    Naghi Panah

    “They shot down one of our airliners and supported Iraq in their war against us. Now they have placed sanctions on our nation. I would not respect the U.S. for that, but I cannot speak for the world.”

    Photograph by Newsha Tavakolian for Bloomberg Businessweek
  7. 7

    Jonas Paes Vilela
    São Paulo

    “He’s a great statesman, respected not only by the black population but by many of the whites as well. ... America continues to be one of the most free countries in the world. It is, it was, it will be.”

    Photograph by Paulo Fridman for Bloomberg Businessweek
  8. 8

    Bernd Otting

    “In Germany, America is more respected because of Obama. For us, he was the favored candidate.”

    Photograph by Timothy Fadek for Bloomberg Businessweek