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Pens for Women and Other Needlessly Gender-Specific Products

  1. Bic Pens “For Her”

    Bic Pens “For Her”

    Snarky comments about Bic’s new “for her” pens recently exploded on—for example: “It has given me soft skin and manageable hair and it has really given me the self-esteem I needed to start a book club and flirt with the bag-boy at my local market.” Still, the company says during the first half of 2012, “we continued to register strong success of new products, such as the BIC For Her range” in Europe and North America.
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  2. Dr. Pepper Ten

    Dr. Pepper Ten

    The sugar and "10 manly calories" in Dr. Pepper Ten sufficiently differentiate it from girly diet sodas to merit an over-the-top, testosterone-fueled ad campaign in 2011 declaring, “It's not for women.”

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  3. Balance For Women (Water)

    Balance For Women (Water)

    If you assumed something as basic as water couldn’t be branded by gender, think again. Balance makes an unflavored water with a “flower essences combination” that helps women “both balance water retention and gently restore clarity and calmness.”

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  4. Slim Jim

    Slim Jim

    The sound of “Macho Man" Randy Savage growling, “Snap into a Slim Jim!” is permanently pile-driven into the American consciousness. The Conagra (CAG) snack also makes the cheeky claim that it boosts “Menergy” levels (whatever that is). That may be fine for carnivorous, testosterone-fueled men. For beef jerky’s forgotten female fans, there’s Bombshell Jerky, "the perfect snack for the gal on the go."

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  5. Financial Advice

    Financial Advice

    Many books have been written about women and finances—even though "the vast majority of the financial advice is the same, regardless of sex," reports the New York Times. Some make gender as much a matter of style as substance. One recently published book asks its female readers, “At the end of a long, tiring day, would you rather read about Brangelina or bank rates, boozy escapades or bond yields? [...] we wanted to bring a little sexy back ... to finance (yes, finance).”

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  6. Luna Bars

    Luna Bars

    However tasty Luna Bars might be, men face certain humiliation if caught eating these snacks, which were “created by and for women ... with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to stay healthy.”

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  7. Just For Men Haircolor

    Just For Men Haircolor

    Just For Men claims it’s faster (five minutes), safer (100 percent ammonia-free), and more natural-looking than women’s haircolor. Combe, the maker of Just For Men, also offers Just 5 for women—which covers gray in five minutes and is ammonia-free. Sound familiar?
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  8. Mangroomer Hair Dryer

    Mangroomer Hair Dryer

    Regular hair dryers, apparently, were not doing the trick. This “ionic” hair dryer does what every man desires: “emits precision negative ions that seal hair cuticles, preserve natural oils, eliminate frizz and restore moisture balance creating smoother and shinier hair,” according to Mangroomer’s site.

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  9. Tools for Women

    Tools for Women

    Sure, a lighter power tool might come in handy, but the utility of making a screwdriver pink is hard to justify. Still, many female reviewers on seem to appreciate the aesthetics, saying, for example, "i just wanted some pink tools because they're cute :)"

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  10. Della


    In 2009, computer company Dell (DELL) faced backlash after launching a site for women, Della, that promoted its colorful line of Inspiron Mini 10 netbooks and featured tech tips on calorie counting, finding recipes, and watching cooking videos, reported the New York Times.

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  11. Ruffles Ultimate Chips and Dips

    Ruffles Ultimate Chips and Dips

    Baked chips are for girls. In May, Ruffles introduced a new line of chips and dips—for men. Possibly concerned that meat flavors and packaging in dark colors with the word “ULTIMATE” in all caps wouldn’t seem manly enough, Frito-Lay (PEP) launched the products at Maxim’s Hot 100 party.

    Photograph by Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Ruffles Ultimate
  12. The Man Bouquet

    The Man Bouquet

    Are these Teleflora flowers for dad manlier because they come in a ceramic Jeep Wrangler vase? “What a great addition to his den—perfect for holding clips, pens and other doo-dads,” the description states.

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  13. Women's Wine

    Women's Wine

    Brands include Happy Bitch, MommyJuice, and Mommy's Time Out. They consist of fermented grape juice, just like boring old gender-neutral wine.

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  14. Virginia Slims

    Virginia Slims

    In 1968, Philip Morris introduced a longer, narrower, “elegant” cigarette targeting professional women. It worked. The small brand eventually captured more than 3 percent market share in the 1980s. Of course, smokers eventually become more interested in the nicotine than the shape of the cigarette.

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