Photograph by Martin Poole/Getty Images

Smartphone Games for Disgruntled Office Workers

  1. Harmless, Virtual Relief

    Harmless, Virtual Relief

    Bored and angry office workers can now find some relief on their smartphones. Here are six such games, listed in ascending order of the severity of disgruntlement they soothe.

    Photograph by Martin Poole/Getty Images
  2. Paper Toss

    Paper Toss

    Players of Paper Toss, by Backflip Studios, try to get a ball of paper into a trash bin. (For mild boredom.)

  3. Sneak Out

    Sneak Out

    This game by Hong Kong's 42games invites players to try to sneak out of the office, using equipment like phones, fax machines, and printers along the way to distract the boss. (For average tedium.)

  4. Office Riot

    Office Riot

    In Office Riot, by Dreamkind, you're the boss. Players escape angry colleagues on an office chair, jumping over obstacles and dodging more than 150 types of projectiles including staplers and laptops. (For unabating anxiety.)

  5. Office Politics: Backstab

    Office Politics: Backstab

    Office Politics by Singapore-based Little Drummer Boy, first released in March, allows players to "stab" colleagues in the back (by tapping them) to climb the corporate ladder. The game is tongue-in-cheek, though the developers hope to help players vent work-related frustrations. (For severe dissatisfaction.)
  6. Office Jerk

    Office Jerk

    Downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide, Office Jerk gives players an opportunity to hurl objects like computers, staplers, and cupcakes at the "jerk." "Grab whatever feels right and fling at his head or his shoulder, or go right for his face," the description states. (For alarming disgruntlement.)

  7. Kick the Boss

    Kick the Boss

    The objective in this game by Game Hive is simple and violent: Pummel your boss. "Stand up for yourself, give them what they deserve. Bazooka right in the face! You can punch, burn, stab, slap, egg them and much more!!" the description reads. (For extreme resentment.)