Photograph by Jin Lee/Bloomberg

TechShop Creations

  1. Square Credit-Card Reader

    Square Credit-Card Reader

    The first prototype of the Square, a device that turns smartphones and tablets into credit-card readers, came out of TechShop

    Photograph by Jin Lee/Bloomberg
  2. Laser Hair-Loss Treatment

    Laser Hair-Loss Treatment

    Inventor Tamim Hamid went to TechShop to find industrial designers who could develop a helmet outfitted with lasers that would fire on the scalp and stimulate hair follicles

  3. Folding Kayak

    Folding Kayak

    Anton Willis built a kayak out of corrugated plastic. Before a hiking trip, you fold the kayak up and stuff it in your backpack and then unfurl it at the waterside

  4. Jet Pack

    Jet Pack

    Made by Andy Filo, a member at TechShop San Jose

    Photograph by Joseph Schell
  5. Embrace Infant Warmer

    Embrace Infant Warmer

    Embrace built a cheap infant warmer now distributed worldwide by GE Healthcare

  6. Lightning's Electric Motorcycle

    Lightning's Electric Motorcycle

    Lightning Motorcycles makes the world's fastest electric motorcycle

  7. Stirling Engine Assembly

    Stirling Engine Assembly

    Made by TechShop Detroit member Tim Sefton, whose project involves innovation on an old technology to make a simple engine that can run on any heat source

    Photograph by Brian Sorg for Bloomberg Businessweek
  8. Super Mario Bros. Lamp

    Super Mario Bros. Lamp

    Adam Ellsworth and Bryan Duxbury created a lamp that looks like one of the question mark cubes from the game Super Mario Bros.