The MBA Life: Cornell

  1. Introduction


    Alex Green is a second-year MBA student at Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management. At Johnson he has served on the school's Student Council to advance technology and operations initiatives, directed the Johnson on Tap beer appreciation club, and led several other student activities. When he graduates in May, Alex will be joining Apple in Cupertino, Calif.

    In the following slideshow, Alex explains what it's like to be an MBA at
    Cornell through his eyes.

  2. Big Red Hockey

    Big Red Hockey

    Hockey is a pretty big tradition at Cornell, and the Big Red never disappoint. While the team is awesome, the crowd is even better, with undergrad-led cheers that make even the toughest person blush. The Friday games are very popular among the MBAs—we even have our own section.

  3. Cornell Plantations

    Cornell Plantations

    While the winter can sometimes be long, the Cornell Plantations make it beautiful. With 4,300 natural acres, there's plenty of opportunity to explore the outdoors in any season. Plus, there are some great sledding hills here!

  4. Johnson on Tap

    Johnson on Tap

    The Johnson on Tap beer appreciation club is one of the most popular social groups on campus. Students meet regularly to taste new beer styles, learn about industry history and best practices, and work on their home brewing skills. Many times, this includes beverages from Saranac, a Utica (N.Y.) beer brewed by the Matt Brewing Co. Chief Executive Officer Nick Matt is a Johnson alum.

  5. Sage Social

    Sage Social

    Each Thursday, Johnson hosts a communitywide gathering called Sage Social. This is a great way to unwind and reconnect after a long week, and is usually a precursor to a great weekend ahead.

  6. Battle of the Brews

    Battle of the Brews

    As part of Johnson on Tap, I brewed a beer with my friend Abhinav for the Battle of the Brews home brew competition. This one is a Scotch ale, and it tasted delicious when we bottled it. We'll see how it does in the competition!

  7. Sage Hall

    Sage Hall

    Sage Hall is one of the most beautiful buildings on the Cornell campus. With a tower that can be seen throughout much of Ithaca, its central location means it's typically a hub of action. Although ornate on the outside, the building is a state-of-the-art learning environment inside.

  8. Destination Johnson

    Destination Johnson

    Faculty members typically attend social events at Johnson to get to know their students outside the classroom. Here, our Electronic Commerce professor took a break from grading to mingle during Destination Johnson, a weekend of activities for new students.

  9. Lacrosse


    Women's lacrosse games are a lot of fun at Cornell (although that may not be corroborated by attendance). One of the Johnson students is an assistant coach, so many of us like to attend the games to cheer her on.

  10. Sweating Through the Long Winter

    Sweating Through the Long Winter

    Winter lasts long in Ithaca, and sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. I helped a fellow student build a sauna in his backyard and it's been great to have! With blooming trees outside in the spring, it's even better!

  11. Green Space

    Green Space

    Although in the middle of about a 20,000-student university, open space is abundant near Johnson. This creek is just a 30-second walk from Sage Hall.

  12. Springtime in Ithaca

    Springtime in Ithaca

    When the weather warms up, students like to hang out on the patio of Collegetown Bagels. This bar and restaurant plays live music in the spring and fall and is only a few minutes from Sage Hall.

  13. Fore!


    The Robert Trent Jones golf course is getting significant attention from the second-year MBAs. Although I'm not very good, hitting balls at the driving range is a nice break in the day.

  14. BBQ


    When winter ends, we can't help but be outside. Some friends who live on the creek decided to throw an impromptu barbecue.

  15. TA Duty

    TA Duty

    As a teaching assistant for the Sustainable Global Enterprise immersion, I regularly meet with the teams I am advising. Here, we are discussing the final deliverable of the team's semester-long consulting project with an international tourism company.