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Holographic History

  1. History of Holography

    History of Holography

    Dennis Gabor’s invention of holography in the 1940s earned the physicist a Nobel prize. Development of the laser popularized holograms starting in the ’60s. Yet, much of what passes as holography—including the recent Tupac resurrection—is actually a centuries-old optical trick known as Pepper’s ghost.  Pictured, Hungarian-born British physicist Professor Dennis Gabor (left) receives the 1971 Nobel Prize for Physics from King Gustav Adolf of Sweden.

    Photograph by Keystone/Getty Images
  2. Cartier (1972)

    Cartier (1972)

    A hologram of a hand reaching out of a store window at the Cartier Fifth Avenue flagship captivates passersby.

  3. Princess Leia (1977)

    Princess Leia (1977)

    Presaging the videoconference, Princess Leia appeals to Obi-Wan Kenobi via hologram in Star Wars.

    Photograph by Mary Evans/Ronald Grant/Everett Collection
  4. National Geographic (1984)

    National Geographic (1984)

    National Geographic becomes the first mass circulation publication to put a hologram on its cover.

  5. Alexander McQueen (2006)

    Alexander McQueen (2006)

    Designer Alexander McQueen caps his fall fashion show with a hologram of model Kate Moss.

  6. CNN (2008)

    CNN (2008)

    During election-night coverage, CNN “beams up” on-location correspondent Jessica Yellin into its studio.

  7. Tupac Shakur (2012)

    Tupac Shakur (2012)

    Deceased rapper Tupac Shakur materializes on stage at the Coachella outdoor music festival.