The Angry Birds Marketplace

  1. Angry Birds—from "Annoying" to "Apocalyptic"

    Angry Birds—from "Annoying" to "Apocalyptic"

    Rovio, the video-game developer in Finland behind the wildly popular and criminally addictive Angry Birds smartphone app, confirmed this week that a 52-show animated series of the game will be available on mobile-TV devices this fall. The series is just the latest in a long line of merchandising offshoots of the game (which, by the way, has been downloaded more than 700 million times since its launch in 2009). Here is a collection of some of the more bizarre Angry Birds-related products—from "Annoying" to "Apocalyptic."

  2. Annoying: Cat Toys

    Annoying: Cat Toys

    Hartz Angry Birds Catnip Heads toy, $4.79

    The manufacturer says it’s “bound to cause a kitty frenzy!”
  3. Annoying: Flip Flops

    Annoying: Flip Flops

    Angry Birds flip-flops, $24.95

    Even your feet can get in on the pig-crushing action.
  4. Annoying: Cook Book

    Annoying: Cook Book

    Angry Birds: Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes cookbook, $14.99

    Includes the Yammy Sammy egg-salad sandwich and Big Boy omelet.
  5. Alarming: iPod Dock

    Alarming: iPod Dock

    Gear4 Angry Birds Helmet Pig speaker, $99.99

    Rock out with your helmet pig iPod dock out.
  6. Alarming: National Geographic

    Alarming: National Geographic

    National Geographic’s Angry Birds Space, $13.95

    Discover the final frontier—with birds as your guide.
  7. Alarming: Sneakers

    Alarming: Sneakers

    Proof Culture Angry Birds Nike AF1 sneakers $79.95

    Turn your feet into high-flying, winged agents of destruction.
  8. Apocalyptic: Sports Gear

    Apocalyptic: Sports Gear

    Didak’s Angry Birds chalk bag, $33.31 (€25)

    Yes, there’s themed gear for rock climbers, too.
  9. Apocalyptic: Beer

    Apocalyptic: Beer

    Haymarket Pub & Brewery Angry Birds Belgian rye IPA beer

    Pairs well with pig-based foods such as pulled-pork chili and bacon macaroni and cheese.
  10. Apocalyptic: Underwear

    Apocalyptic: Underwear

    CafePress “I Love Angered Birds” thong, $12.50

    Take command in the bedroom with this undergarment. Or use it as a slingshot.
  11. Apocalyptic: Lingerie

    Apocalyptic: Lingerie

    SceneShoes Angry Birds bra, $35

    Pit your breasts at war against one another.