When Celebrities Get Hacked

  1. Top Targets: Bieber

    Top Targets: Bieber

    Politicians and entertainers are often the biggest targets of hackers intent on causing embarrassment, making a statement, or stealing glimpses into the personal lives of the glitterati. Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer beloved by rabid fans who call themselves "beliebers," suffered the hacking of his Twitter account in March. The unknown hacker marked the occasion of Bieber having racked up 19 million followers with the tweet, "19 million my a--". The tweet was later deleted.

  2. Lil Pain

    Lil Pain

    Lil Wayne's Twitter account was hacked in January 2011 by an unknown intruder, who probably guessed the rapper's password. The hacker pretended to be Lil Wayne and sent insults to other rappers, including Soulja Boy, The Game, and Fat Joe. Lil Wayne suspended his account after the intrusion, but has since come back online.

    Photograph by Isabel Nabuurs/Hollandse Hoogte/Redux
  3.  Paris Insecurity

    Paris Insecurity

    Reality-TV star Paris Hilton had her T-Mobile Sidekick hacked in 2005. The hacker used a security flaw in T-Mobile USA's website to gain access to her contacts and private notes. A Massachusetts teen eventually pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to 11 months in detention at a juvenile facility, according to the Washington Post.

    Photograph by Michael Buckner/Getty Images
  4. 'Coming for You'

    'Coming for You'

    Ashton Kutcher's Twitter and Foursquare accounts were hacked in January, most likely by someone who guessed the passwords. The intruder posted fake messages about the actor's love life and a map to a purported lover's house on his Twitter account, which has almost 10 million followers. It is not known who hacked Kutcher's account, but Kutcher deleted the messages and responded on Twitter that he's "coming for you my friend."

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  5. Joan's Phone

    Joan's Phone

    Christina Hendricks, who plays an ad-agency administrator on AMC's Mad Men, had photos snatched from her phone after it was hacked. Pictures that surfaced online showed a disheveled-looking Hendricks in skimpy clothing; her publicist said the actress' phone did get hacked. Police are investigating, although some of the released photos were fake.

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  6. Target-In-Chief


    President Barack Obama's Twitter account was hacked in 2010 by a Frenchman who used the pseudonym "Hacker Croll." The man, who didn't post anything on Obama's account, was arrested in a joint operation by the French police and FBI.

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  7. Aguilera Exposed

    Aguilera Exposed

    Christina Aguilera's Apple account was hacked by Christopher Chaney, a 35-year-old living in Jacksonville, Fla., who used the singer's identification to uncover personal photos. Chaney targeted at least 50 people on various servers during a one-year period, according to an Oct. 11 indictment.

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  8. 'Hackerazzi'


    Scarlett Johansson was an additional victim of Christopher Chaney (pictured). Naked photos of her leaked onto the Web last year, after Chaney hacked into her phone. Police arrested him in October as part of a broader investigation code-named "Operation Hackerazzi," the website TMZ.com reported. Chaney, whose hacking targets also included Ali Larter, Jessica Alba, and Mila Kunis, pleaded guilty in March to nine felonies, including wiretapping and unauthorized access and damage to a protected computer.

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  9. Facebook Privacy Compromised

    Facebook Privacy Compromised

    Mark Zuckerberg's personal photos, including one in which he was seen cooking with his girlfriend, were revealed in December because of a Facebook bug that allowed users to click through private photos to report inappropriate content. The pictures appeared on photo-sharing site imgur, as well as on a body-building forum. Facebook disabled the option.

    Courtesy Facebook
  10. Invading Miley's Personal MySpace

    Invading Miley's Personal MySpace

    Miley Cyrus's e-mail and MySpace accounts were hacked by a Tennessee teenager, who then posted racy photos of the teen star that compromised her "Hannah Montana" image. According to ABC News, the personal photos were accessed after the hacker got past MySpace's firewall to find Cyrus's log-in and password information. The actress used the same log-in and password for her Gmail account. The perpetrator was arrested last year.

    Photograph by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images
  11. Hudgens Helps FBI

    Hudgens Helps FBI

    Nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens, an actress in such movies as High School Musical and Sucker Punch, were released on the Internet in 2007, 2009, and 2011, according to TMZ. In 2009, Hudgens sued the owner of the website www.moejackson.com for failing to take down the photos, TMZ said. Last year, she met with the FBI about photos that were hacked from her Gmail account.

    Photograph by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images
  12. Palin's Yahoo Mail

    Palin's Yahoo Mail

    Sarah Palin's Yahoo! e-mail account was hacked during the 2008 campaign, when she was a candidate for vice president. David Kernell used her biographical information to retrieve her password, then posted her personal e-mails on 4chan. He served about a year in custody.

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  13. Hitting Lohan Low

    Hitting Lohan Low

    Lindsay Lohan fell victim to digital break-ins twice in two years. In 2006, a hacker got her BlackBerry password and sent fake messages that appeared to come from the 25-year-old star of Mean Girls. The next year, her MySpace account was compromised and messages about boyfriends and clubbing leaked to the Web.

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