Made in England

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    The founders of men's clothing company Albam at a factory in Leicester, England

  2. 2

    Alastair Rae and James Shaw, the founders of Albam, proudly flaunt their lack of affinity for haute couture, making clothes that are stylish but never so edgy as to invite ridicule

  3. 3

    Albam's resin-coated cotton raincoat, shown here, features "a poppered rear vent," "adjustable sleeve tabs," and "reinforced pocket stitching." It is, of course, "crafted in England"

  4. 4

    A Londoner models the "geography-teacher" look inside his houseboat. "It's the new preppy," says designer Oliver Spencer

  5. 5

    Two Brits sample the latest designer styles in London

  6. 6

    Wool Reefer coat and Northampton suede hiking shoes, by Albam

  7. 7

    Corduroy in a canoe. The trend of men shelling out money on clothes mirrors the evolution of British cuisine: Increasingly, luxury is associated with the local