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The Tebow Bump

  1. Tim Tebow

    Tim Tebow

    Here's a breakdown of who cheered loudest when it was reported that the New York Jets may acquire Denver Broncos quarterback and evangelical icon Tim Tebow in exchange for draft picks.

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  2. Nike


    The world's largest sporting goods company takes over for Reebok as the maker of NFL jerseys this season. If Peyton Manning to the Broncos is a sales bonanza, jersey-selling machine Tim Tebow in the nation's largest market is practically a miracle.

  3. Jockey


    Squeaky-clean Tebow endorses the underwear brand. And current Jets starter Mark Sanchez has been known to pose in his skivvies. Putting them together could be the biggest thing since boxer briefs.

  4. FRS Energy

    FRS Energy

    What is FRS Energy? If you live in the Tri-State area, you're about to find out.

  5. The New York Post

    The New York Post

    There should never be another slow day on the Post's back page, where sports headlines live in all caps: TEBOW TAKES BROADWAY! SECOND STRING SAVIOR. And the columns practically write themselves: Which flawed quarterback should be the starter? Can Tebow get along with famously profane head coach Rex Ryan? How will Tebow's Bible thumping play in Gotham?

  6. ESPN


    The Worldwide Leader should have almost as much fun as the Post. And it should cut way down on Rachel Nichols's travel budget. She might as well buy a house in Florham Park now.