Toy Fair's Top Office Toys

  1. Lego Super Heroes

    Lego Super Heroes

    How about a team-building exercise that involves, well, building? Lego, after winning licensing deals in 2011 with DC Entertainment and Marvel Entertainment, launches a new superhero collection featuring such favorite characters as Batman, Wolverine, the Hulk, Captain America, Superman, and Iron Man. Along with Lego’s other collections, these could be office-wide winners: Everyone—old and young, male and female—loves to build.

    Photograph by: Venessa Wong/Bloomberg Businessweek

  2. Berg Ferrari pedal go-kart

    Berg Ferrari pedal go-kart

    OK, it’s the poor-man CEO's pimpin’ ride. Still, if you’re waiting for your company to Issue a public offering before you buy a real Ferrari, fear not: There are other options. Berg’s $2,750 pedal go-kart is too expensive to waste on your kids, who—if you’re even considering this—are probably spoiled enough. It comes equipped with seven gears, can go backwards, and has a parking brake. It will get you through the hallways, The Shining-style, and it’s a hell of a way to make an entrance at the conference room.

    Photograph Courtesy of Berg

  3. Mattel WWE Brawlin Buddies

    Mattel WWE Brawlin Buddies

    When you tire of using a co-worker as a punching bag—or get that visit from human resources—take on one of these 16-inch plush wrestlers, which play phrases recorded by WWE stars. Mattel (MAT) will introduce four of them, including John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

    Photograph Courtesy of Mattel
  4. Star Wars talking plush dolls

    Star Wars talking plush dolls

    We have no office-related justification for this. They were just really cute. Push on Darth Vader’s and Chewbacca’s bellies to hear them speak, or growl. Underground Toys licensed James Earl Jones’s voice for this, says licensing director Robyn Morgan. The 24-inch Chewie plush came out in January 2011 and was sold in Gap Kids (GPS). The 24-inch Darth Vader is new for 2012.

    Photograph by: Venessa Wong/Bloomberg Businessweek

  5. Q-BA-MAZE fish sculpture

    Q-BA-MAZE fish sculpture

    It’s perfect for the lobby. The best part: Q-BA-MAZE building blocks have a hollow opening that create a maze for marbles dropped in from above. This sculpture of spiraling fish was made from about 1,800 pieces—but it’s not for sale, says Q-BA-MAZE inventor Andrew Comfort, who designed it. Too bad. It’s cooler than a lot of office art out there, and would make for a fabulous game of office Plinko, à la "The Price is Right."

    Photograph by: Venessa Wong/Bloomberg Businessweek

  6. Interactive Toy Concepts Wi-Spi Helicopter

    Interactive Toy Concepts Wi-Spi Helicopter

    If you’re shirking work at your desk—looking at, say, a slide show about toys—you might want to look back over your shoulder. This $120 helicopter from Interactive Toy Concepts is controlled by Apple (AAPL) and Android devices and has a camera that feeds everything it sees (yes, everything) to its remote-control device.

    Photograph Courtesy of Interactive Toy Concepts
  7. Jada Toys Battle Machines laser tag ATVs

    Jada Toys Battle Machines laser tag ATVs

    The latest in office warfare: laser-tag all-terrain vehicles. These $50 remote-controlled ATVs are perfect for a chasing game—players must shoot the back of their opponent’s vehicle to score.

    Photograph by: Venessa Wong/Bloomberg Businessweek
  8. Nerf dart blaster

    Nerf dart blaster

    Do Nerf guns ever get old? (The answer is “no,” by the way.) Useful either for team-building or stress relief, this new, $20 dart blaster, available this spring, can shoot a single dart or a swarm of as many as 10 darts up to 55 feet. Alternatively, strap on a message to fire one as a sweet, intra-office courier.

    Photograph Courtesy of Hasbro
  9. Schoenhut baby grand piano

    Schoenhut baby grand piano

    Few corner offices could hold a baby grand, but most could fit Schoenhut’s 49-key baby grand piano, which measures 37-in. long by 49-in. wide. Why not hire a (petite) musician to accompany the next board meeting?

    Photograph by: Venessa Wong/Bloomberg Businessweek
  10. Brinca Dada dollhouse

    Brinca Dada dollhouse

    The perfect cubicle accessory for the wishful colleague who rents a shoebox apartment: a stylish, modern dollhouse by Brinca Dada. Times are tough, but home ownership is in the eye of the beholder, right? Brinca Dada’s Bennett house, priced at $599, came out late in 2011. The townhouse has five levels and features a two-story living room, elevator, rooftop pool, and glass-rail balconies in both the master bedroom and children’s bedroom.