The Instagram Election

  1. Campaign Snapshots

    Campaign Snapshots

    Campaign reporters have always swapped snapshots of backstage moments. A handful of road warriors are now posting their candids of the candidates to Instagram for the rest of us to see. Some iPhone paparazzi to watch.

    Photograph by: David L Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

  2. Philip Rucker, Washington Post

    Philip Rucker, Washington Post

    "At Logan, @MittRomney types furiously on iPad before boarding shuttle to DCA. Very studious, few people bothering him. #2012unfiltered" @PhilipRucker

  3. Dan Balz, Washington Post

    Dan Balz, Washington Post

    “Rick Perry’s lunch at The Barley House in Concord, NH, a specially made. Good eats!” @danbalz

  4. Trip Gabriel, New York Times

    Trip Gabriel, New York Times

    “May i serve you? Newt emerges from the drive-up window of Chick-fil-A in Anderson, SCstrawberry capital.” @tripgabriel

  5. Ashley Parker, New York Times

    Ashley Parker, New York Times

    “Romney and McCain de-plane in Pensacola.” @AshleyRParker

  6.  Trip Gabriel, New York Times

    Trip Gabriel, New York Times

    "Do you like my hat?" @tripgabriel

  7. Holly Bailey, Yahoo!

    Holly Bailey, Yahoo!

    “Glitter debris” @hollybdc

  8. Holly Bailey, Yahoo!

    Holly Bailey, Yahoo!

    "Mitt and Ann Romney deplane in Las Vegas" @hollybdc

  9. Dan Balz, Washington Post

    Dan Balz, Washington Post

    "This is what it looks like when a power-starved Romney press bus hits the ground. #2012unfiltered" @danbalz

  10. Philip Rucker, Washington Post

    Philip Rucker, Washington Post

    “Mitt Romney, full of surprises, brings a birthday cake to @maevereston en route to Clearwater.” @PhilipRucker

  11. Garrett Haake, NBC

    Garrett Haake, NBC

    “Big crowd, bigger boat at Panama City Romney rally.” @GarrettNBCNews