Gatorade Sports Science Institute

  1. Florida Test Lab

    Florida Test Lab

    On Oct. 14, Gatorade invited Bloomberg Businessweek to join its physiological research scientists and National Basketball Assn. All-Star Dwyane Wade at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute in Bradenton, Fla. These slides take you through a series of tests Wade underwent that day. Gatorade is working with the 29-year-old point guard to improve his nutrition and performance.

    Photographs by Floto + Warner

  2. IMG Academies

    IMG Academies

    Gatorade’s testing facility is within the IMG Academies, founded by the late Theodore (Ted) Forstmann, in Bradenton, Fla. The lab primarily serves the student-athletes at the Academies’ boarding school.

  3. Body Composition

    Body Composition

    After blood work and weighing in, Wade endures the Dexa test to assess body composition (muscle vs. fat).

  4. Fat Burning

    Fat Burning

    The Fatmax Test helps determine when the body is burning fat (vs. carbohydrates).

  5. Reaction Time

    Reaction Time

    The third test in Wade’s protocol, the D2 assesses reaction time.

  6. Hand Strength

    Hand Strength

    The fourth test uses a hand grip to measure muscle strength.

  7. Wade at Work

    Wade at Work

    The Wingate test measures Wade’s anaerobic capacity.

  8. The All-Star in Repose

    The All-Star in Repose

    Wade at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute.

  9. Stretching Out

    Stretching Out

    Student-athletes stretch before testing at the GSSI.