Ten More Great Thanksgiving Beers

  1. A timeline of brews throughout Turkey Day

    A timeline of brews throughout Turkey Day

    Thanksgiving can be a long day filled with family, friends, and a lot of feasting. It only makes sense to have the right beer for the right occasion. Here are 10 beers to keep the day and spirits moving along.

    Photographer: Will Halsey for Bloomberg Businessweek

  2. Clown Shoes Clem Wit

    Clown Shoes Clem Wit

    Time to share the spotlight, Mimosa. A light and citrusy way to start the day, Clown Shoes brings us a light, refreshing beer to get things started.

  3. Stone Levitation

    Stone Levitation

    Some West Coast love, this beer is a bit darker but won’t put you in the tank. At 4.4 percent, it’s a super flavorful beer that won’t set you back.

  4. Gaffel Kölsch

    Gaffel Kölsch

    Time for a cleanser. Gaffel Kölsch is a crisp, clean, light beer that preps you for game time.

  5. Yuengling Lager

    Yuengling Lager

    Turkey’s in the oven, family has arrived, and the game is on. Let the oldest brewery in America [founded 1829] bring you a great light beer to complement the Lions and the Packers.

  6. Two Brothers Long Haul Session

    Two Brothers Long Haul Session

    Today’s a marathon, not a sprint. Two Brothers brings us a tasty ale that will keep you going but leave room for more.

  7. Boon Geuze

    Boon Geuze

    Big and sour—wake up, taste buds, it’s go time. This tart Belgian lambic will refresh you from your game-time slump.

  8. Victory Weizen Bock

    Victory Weizen Bock

    Clove, spice, and everything nice—this brings us into the holiday season. Time for the taste buds to recover: It’s almost dinnertime.

  9. Dogfish Chicory Stout

    Dogfish Chicory Stout

    Take it easy and enjoy this subtle dark beer—you’ve earned it. The turkey turned out great, and everyone is stuffed. Roasted coffee and mocha flavors take you into the evening.

  10. Third Voyage Double IPA

    Third Voyage Double IPA

    Heading toward the finish line, this double India pale ale from the guys at Sam Adams will give you the extra hops you’ve been waiting for all day.

  11. Founders Breakfast Stout

    Founders Breakfast Stout

    Breakfast as a nightcap: Turn out the light with this 8.3 percent beer, it’s like a giant alcoholic chocolate bar. Good night.