York: A Virtual Tour

  1. Schulich School of Business

    Schulich School of Business

    York University's Schulich School of Business occupies two campuses. One is lakeside, called the Miles S. Nadal Management Centre, on the lip of Lake Ontario in the heart of Toronto's financial district. Students attend part-time and evening MBA classes inside the Ernst & Young Tower of the Toronto Dominion Centre, walking distance from the headquarters of TD Bank and Royal Bank of Canada. On York's main campus, a drive of about 35 minutes inland, is the Seymour Schulich Building, where York's undergraduate business classes and some full-time MBA courses are taught.

    Schulich has a total graduate enrollment of about 1,228 students and offers full-time and part-time MBA programs as well as a PhD track and an international MBA. The school also offers an executive MBA in conjunction with Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management (Kellogg Full-Time MBA Profile).

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  2. Seymour Schulich Building

    Seymour Schulich Building

    Glass, concrete, and limestone are the design hallmarks of the main campus's Seymour Schulich Building. The structure and its accompanying Executive Learning Centre won a Governor General's Medal in Architecture in 2006. In a bird's eye view, the building forms an angular-looking doughnut; an outdoor patio and courtyard sit in the middle.

    Facilities housed at the building include a business library, an executive dining room, a hotel, small lecture halls, a restaurant and bar, and a coffee shop.
  3. Prospective Students Get a Preview

    Prospective Students Get a Preview

    Prior to attending the school, prospective students are invited to the annual Experience Schulich preview event held in winter, where they can mix with alumni and faculty to get a feel for the program. About 26 percent of applicants were admitted to the most recent, full-time MBA class. The program consists of four terms that can be completed in either 16 or 20 months. The latter option allows students to complete a summer internship.
  4. Working in Teams

    Working in Teams

    Once accepted, MBA students are thrown directly into leadership development courses. The first year of the program focuses chiefly on working in teams and understanding different cultures. Group projects feature prominently in this portion of the program.
  5. Academic Disciplines

    Academic Disciplines

    Dirk Matten, pictured here, is Schulich's Hewlett-Packard Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility. The discipline taught by Matten is one of 18 specializations offered in the MBA program.

    Students can choose two specializations, and they often pair a functional option, such as marketing, finance, or accounting, with an industry option, such as arts and media, health industry management, or real estate.
  6. Joint-Degree Programs

    Joint-Degree Programs

    Close to 150 electives round out the MBA specializations offered at Schulich. The average elective class has about 30 students, and the average core class has 45.

    Students with interests beyond business are able to couple MBA coursework with programs in fine arts, law, and public policy. The school offers joint MBA/Master of Fine Arts and MBA/Master of Arts degrees, as well as a joint MBA/JD. Schulich and York’s political science department offer a Master of Public Administration.
  7. The CIBC Marketplace

    The CIBC Marketplace

    The CIBC Marketplace pictured here is a high foot-traffic area for Schulich students. The expansive thoroughfare inside the Seymour Schulich Building serves as a casual meeting and study spot. The school often uses the hub for more formal events, such as career fairs and panel discussions.
  8. International Student Body

    International Student Body

    Schulich bills itself as Canada’s global business school, and indeed, the majority of its MBA candidates are international. After North America (about 40 percent of the MBA population), the largest portion of students hail from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (37 percent). Students also come to the school from other parts of Asia (14 percent), Latin America and the Caribbean (3 percent), and the Middle East (2 percent).

    International students may benefit from Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, which allows graduates to stay in the country for up to three years.
  9. Study Abroad

    Study Abroad

    MBA students head to other countries in varying degrees. Many choose to go abroad in the third term of the program. Asia, India, Europe, and Latin America are common destinations.

    Students can also opt for an international MBA, which requires study and an internship in another country. The international program has a language component, which encourages students to become fluent in a language in which they are already proficient.

    Mumbai hosts the school’s MBA in India program, where students complete the first year abroad and finish in Toronto.
  10. International Competition

    International Competition

    International courses aren’t the only experience shaping students’ world views. Some students also compete for international business accolades. Here, a team of York undergraduates earn a top prize at the international L’Oréal Marketing Awards Competition in Paris.
  11. Second-Year Consulting Project

    Second-Year Consulting Project

    In the second year of the MBA program, students complete a six- to eight-month group consulting project. Students select their groups, then perform an in-depth analysis of an issue for a client.

    One year, students did a project in Africa, where they helped a client evaluate the needs of its workforce, which was largely affected by HIV/AIDS.
  12. Career Options

    Career Options

    Schulich has recruiting relationships with Royal Bank of Canada (RY), TD Bank, Scotiabank (BNS) and such consulting firms as Deloitte and the Boston Consulting Group. In consumer packaged goods, the school sends graduates to Proctor & Gamble (PG), Pepsi (PEP), Kraft (KFT) and Johnson & Johnson (JNJ). In finance, students have landed jobs at UBS (UBS) and in information technology, at IBM (IBM).

    The school offers a variety of services to prepare students for opportunities with these companies. On their arrival at the campus, MBA candidates make "journey maps" outlining their career goals. Career counseling continues throughout the program.

    In addition to facilitating recruiter meetings, the school offers professional and personal development services to help students prepare for interviews.
  13. Graduates Take Off

    Graduates Take Off

    The largest group of Schulich’s most recent, full-time MBA graduates—39 percent—headed into financial services jobs, while 20 percent landed positions in the consumer products industry.

    Eighty-six percent of the MBAs reported receiving a job offer within three months after graduation. The class had a median base salary of $81,485 and a median signing bonus of $6,755.

    After graduation, MBAs are sometimes eligible for discounts on the school’s executive education courses. They can also continue to seek help via the Career Development Centre.
  14. Alumni Connection

    Alumni Connection

    Schulich alumni stay connected to the school by mentoring current students, volunteering at school-sponsored events, and reaching out to prospective applicants at the annual preview weekend.

    The MBA program has more than 16,500 living alumni. Graduates have access to an online alumni career board as well as an alumni database.
  15. International Alumni Network

    International Alumni Network

    After graduation, Schulich’s international student body finds itself all around the world. The school counts MBA alumni clubs in 62 countries.

    That international presence is reflected on nearly any schedule of alumni events. A recent forum, pictured above, took place in Beijing. Alumni dinners are slated for Mumbai and Seoul. And events within Canada span the map, with an alumni pub night scheduled in Ottawa and a speaker event booked in Vancouver.