So Many Themed Cruises

  1. The Sea List

    The Sea List

    Just few decades ago, even those who worked in the cruise industry described their own demographic as "Newly-wed and nearly dead." That state of affairs has certainly changed. In 1970 some 500,000 passengers chose to vacation at sea; this year, that figure is estimated at 16 million, with the now-mainstream cruise industry contributing nearly $30 billion annually to the global economy.

    In recent years, some hubristic major cruise-lines have launched billion-dollar vessels, decorated in strenuously good taste for passenger loads that can exceed 5,000. One notable spin-off of this relentless expansionism has been the parallel growth of "group and affinity" cruises: voyages that are tailored to specific (sometimes very specific) customer demographics. Being stuck on a boat with people whose tastes are virtually identical to your own might sound to some like some hellish floating chat-room—but for those of a less misanthropic bent, there are a smorgasbord of theme cruises available.
  2. History Channel

    History Channel

    Experts lecture on the Civil War, World War II, and Caribbean history.
    From $2,074, seven nights.
  3. American Girl

    American Girl

    Dolls get their own teacup at dinner. There’s even a doll hair salon.
    $3,313, seven nights.
  4. National Review

    National Review

    The right-wing journal launched its maiden voyage in 1994.
    $1,899, seven nights.
  5. VH1


    This year the "Best Cruise Ever" featured concerts by Train, Lifehouse, and Colbie Caillat.
    $799, four nights
  6. A.C. Milan

    A.C. Milan

    Cruising with soccer players isn’t the only draw: Coaches teach clinics and organize matches.
    $1,501, seven nights
  7. The Biggest Loser

    The Biggest Loser

    Lose pounds alongside former show contestants. Experts also advise on nutrition and fitness.
    $1,295, seven nights
  8. Richard Simmons

    Richard Simmons

    Sweat with the fitness legend on his "Cruise to Lose."
    $1,245, seven nights
  9. Macs


    The 11th MacMania trip offered seminars on apps and social media.
    $1,888, seven nights
  10. American Conservative Union

    American Conservative Union

    Get chummy with Rummy.
    $1,630, seven nights
  11. Backstreet Boys

    Backstreet Boys

    The ship docks in Nassau for a private beach party and BSB concert.
    $699, three nights
  12. Star Trek

    Star Trek

    Past Cruise Trek cruisers have been joined by motley cast members.
    $899, seven nights
  13. Prairie Home Companion

    Prairie Home Companion

    Garrison Keillor's cruise is already full.
    $1,900, seven nights
  14. So Many Themed Cruises

    So Many Themed Cruises

    Little House on the Prairie Fans can sail with the cast—sans the late Michael Landon. $879, seven nights
  15. Twilight


    Fans were disappointed to learn the second annual cruise was canceled.
    $1,049, seven nights
  16. Kid Rock

    Kid Rock

    Getting wasted was the main form of entertainment on the Detroit rock renegade's April sea adventure.
    $899, four nights
  17. Book of Mormon

    Book of Mormon

    Cruisers explore ports with ­significance to the ­religious text.
    $559, seven nights
  18. Young American Foundation

    Young American Foundation

    Cruise with Karl Rove—for a hefty fee.
    $7,800, eleven nights
  19. Titanic


    Yes, a cruise honors the sunken ship.
    $1,490, twelve nights