Robot Invasion

  1. Robot Invasion

    Robot Invasion

    Companies all over the U.S. are coming up with a whole range of robots for use in health care, military, and the environment.
  2. Surgery


    The da Vinci Si boasts a high-def, 3D vision system. Robotic arms are manipulated from an ergonomic surgeon’s console.

    Cost: $1 million.
  3. Reconnaisance


    PETMAN by Boston Dynamics will be upgraded into the Atlas. The new bot will walk like a human, use its hands for support, and be able to squeeze through narrow passages.

    Cost: Not yet for sale.
  4. Defusing Bombs

    Defusing Bombs

    iRobot’s battle-tested PackBot can search caves and tunnels and find or neutralize roadside bombs.

    Cost: $100,000.
  5. Hospital Transport

    Hospital Transport

    Aethon’s automated robotic system, called the TUG, is used by 100-plus hospitals to transport meds, equipment, and meals.

    Cost: Not available.
  6. House Cleaning

    House Cleaning

    iRobot’s Scooba preps, washes, scrubs, and squeegees floors. Sensors guide it around furniture and pets and then to a docking station.

    Cost: $499.
  7. Ground Transport

    Ground Transport

    This gear-carrying robot, BigDog, was a YouTube sensation in 2008. A souped-up version called the Legged Squad Support System has received $32 million in funding from the Defense Dept.

    Cost: Not yet for sale.
  8. Ship Maintenance

    Ship Maintenance

    Chariot Robotics’ Envirobot removes coatings and corrosion from the hulls and decks of ships, as well as large steel containers.

    Cost: $1 million