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The Office Gift Guide

  1. The Perfect Present

    The Perfect Present

    We're fast approaching that time of year when normally decisive individuals are frozen with indecision over the right gift to give for those professional relationships that matter. Here's a guide that will help you find the perfect present for a client, a cubemate, an assistant, and the boss.

    Gift Guide Contributors: Erica Blumenthal, Adrienne Gaffney, Rich Jaroslovsky, Nadine Jolie, and Adam Klappholz
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  2. Assistant


    The holidays aren't just a time to show your appreciation for the hip, culturally attuned young person who answers your phone and fetches your dry cleaning. They're also a chance to earn cool points.
    Bob London
  3. Kings County Distillery moonshine

    Kings County Distillery moonshine

    Price: $20

    Unaged corn whiskey from New York's first distillery since Prohibition beats Champagne.
    Bob London
  4. Urbanear headphones

    Urbanear headphones

    Price: $50

    A subtle way of saying, "Please stop playing Chocolate Rain with the volume on."
    Bob London
  5. Wool and the Gang knitting kit

    Wool and the Gang knitting kit

    Price: $67 and up

    You'll no longer feel bad about putting your assistant's desk beneath the AC.
    Bob London
  6. Woolly Pocket Meadow

    Woolly Pocket Meadow

    Price: $92

    A planter pouch will spruce up your hippie assistant's cube.
    Bob London
  7. Kinect for Xbox 360

    Kinect for Xbox 360

    Price: $150

    Reward a hard worker with Microsoft's controller-free answer to the Wii.
    Bob London
  8. Graphic Image leather thesaurus

    Graphic Image leather thesaurus

    Price: $165

    A monogrammed thesaurus is perfect for someone whose vocabulary consists of "OMG" and "WTF."
    Bob London
  9. Duckie Brown shoes

    Duckie Brown shoes

    Price: $295

    Improve your assistant's Zuckerbergian wardrobe with these straight tip shoes, available in four colors.
    Bob London
  10. South by Southwest Platinum badge

    South by Southwest Platinum badge

    Price: $1,050

    The badge offers access to all the concerts and films at Austin's famous music festival.
    Bob London
  11. Cubemate


    When you sit shoulder-to-shoulder with your co-workers, you get to know everything about them--right down to their yoga schedule. Take his or her interests into account when choosing a gift.
    Bob London
  12. Momofuku cookies

    Momofuku cookies

    Price: $10 per tin

    Chef David Chang's cookies are the new Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, but without the gratuitous Sex and The City references.
    Bob London
  13. Mini Expresso Maker

    Mini Expresso Maker

    Price: $39

    You, too, can use this beverage brewer--which makes a great double shot--if your cubemate keeps it on his or her desk.
    Bob London
  14. Lomography Fisheye No. 2 camera

    Lomography Fisheye No. 2 camera

    Price: $70

    This 170-degree wide-angle camera uses 35mm film (remember that?).
    Bob London
  15. Quality Mending Co. large tote bag

    Quality Mending Co. large tote bag

    Price: $98

    This bag will make them the envy of their colleagues and gym mates.
    Bob London
  16. WeWood watch

    WeWood watch

    Price: $119

    For every watch purchased, the American Forests conservation nonprofit will plant a tree.
    Bob London
  17. Jawbone Jambox portable speaker

    Jawbone Jambox portable speaker

    Price: $199

    This small wireless speaker transforms into a speakerphone for conference calls.
    Bob London
  18. Lulu Frost necklace

    Lulu Frost necklace

    Price: $285

    Nothing says "I totally have a work crush on you" like this Lulu Frost Mesh Center Drape necklace.
    Bob London
  19. Montante for Maserati 8CTF bike

    Montante for Maserati 8CTF bike

    Price: $4,108

    Upgrade commuting wheels with this Cicli Montante bike, modeled after an eight-cylinder 8CTF race car.
    Bob London
  20. Client


    Presents given to your stable of clients help build business bonds. Pick your gifts carefully based on how long and how well you know your recipient. The right gift could make your sales year.
    Bob London
  21. Golf Ball Personalizer

    Golf Ball Personalizer

    Price: $22

    What better way to prove that you've been listening to your client brag about his handicap?
    Bob London
  22. Vieux Carré absinthe

    Vieux Carré absinthe

    Price: $56

    No liquor cabinet is complete without a bottle of the first legal absinthe to be made in the U.S. in nearly 100 years.
    Bob London
  23. Cire Trudon candle

    Cire Trudon candle

    Price: $75

    Don't just default to Dipt yque or Jo Malone. Instead, give a candle from the world's oldest candle maker.
    Bob London
  24. Solio Classic Solar Charger

    Solio Classic Solar Charger

    Price: $100

    Greenies, geeks, and even normal people can appreciate a charger that doesn't connect to the wall.
    Bob London
  25. One-year Hulu Plus subscription

    One-year Hulu Plus subscription

    Price: $119

    Current season episodes from 45 TV shows can be streamed on computers, iPhones, iPads, or TV sets.
    Bob London
  26. Adopt a Water Buffalo

    Adopt a Water Buffalo

    Price: $250

    Adopting one through Heifer International will help a Filipino family plant food and haul it to market.
    Bob London
  27. Tumi for Opening Ceremony travel bag

    Tumi for Opening Ceremony travel bag

    Price: $295

    Every fashionable road warrior can use this multicolored tote made out of indestructible nylon.
    Bob London
  28. Dunhill Sentryman Explorer pen

    Dunhill Sentryman Explorer pen

    Price: $5,000

    This pen starts fires: Flint in the barrel creates a spark when struck against the magnesium around the cap.
    Bob London
  29. Boss


    If everyone at your company gives the boss a gift, you've got to make yours really count. Think outside the box to avoid any chance of duplication. It's an investment in your future.

    Bob London
  30. Bosses I Had and Liked notebook

    Bosses I Had and Liked notebook

    Price: $14

    Score brownie points with this Archie Grand memo pad, which fits in a suit pocket or clutch.

    Bob London
  31. Mini World Time Alarm Clock

    Mini World Time Alarm Clock

    Price: $55

    The time changes when you switch the bezel to match your location.

    Bob London
  32. Ace Walking Stick

    Ace Walking Stick

    Price: $78

    This natural wood walking stick is handmade by the chic Ace Hotel and Swim Club in California.

    Bob London
  33. Hooker's Delight martini olive hook

    Hooker's Delight martini olive hook

    Price: $84

    With the three-martini lunch on the resurgence, top off his or her glass with an olive hook.

    Bob London
  34. One-to-One Mac training

    One-to-One Mac training

    Price: $99

    Hire an instructor to teach your boss how to use the 998 apps on his iPhone or stream files on her Mac.

    Bob London
  35. Bulgari money clip

    Bulgari money clip

    Price: $240

    A sterling silver money clip in the shape of a paper clip is a clever alternative to a bulky wallet.

    Bob London
  36. Colorware iPad case

    Colorware iPad case

    Price: $300

    Differentiate an iPad with this protective carrying case. Colorware also colorizes iPhones, computers, and headphones.

    Bob London
  37. First edition book

    First edition book

    Price: $645 and up

    British luxury purveyor Asprey can track down even the rarest first editions.

    Bob London