Most Read on Bloomberg: U.K. Brexit, U.S. Stocks Slump, Trump

The most-read Bloomberg News reports from the past week are listed below. The rankings are based on daily statistics through June 18.

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1. U.K. Moves Closer to Brexit as The Sun Backs ‘Leave’ Vote
(Bloomberg) -- Four polls put the “Leave” campaign ahead of “Remain” as The Sun newspaper came out in favor of Britain quitting the European Union, sending stocks and the pound down.

2. U.S. Stocks Slump Ahead of Fed, BOJ Meetings; Haven Assets Climb
(Bloomberg) -- U.S. stocks and oil slumped, benefiting haven assets such as gold and the yen, as investors grew increasingly cautious ahead of key central-bank meetings this week and Britain’s vote on its membership of the European Union, due later in the month.

3. U.K. Lawmaker Jo Cox Is Murdered, Silencing Brexit Debate
(Bloomberg) -- Jo Cox, a British parliamentarian and advocate for the U.K. to remain in the European Union, was shot dead on Thursday as she met constituents, shocking much of the world and temporarily silencing the rancorous debate about membership of the 28-nation bloc.

4. Brexit Campaign on Hold for Second Day After Lawmaker Murder
(Bloomberg) -- Campaigning over whether the U.K. should quit the European Union was suspended for a second day on Friday after the murder of Labour lawmaker Jo Cox, an advocate for voting to stay in next week’s referendum.

5. Microsoft Pays $26 Billion for LinkedIn in Biggest Deal Yet
(Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. is acquiring the professional social network LinkedIn Corp. for $26.2 billion, one of the largest technology-industry deals on record, as the maker of Windows software attempts to put itself at the center of people’s business lives.

6. U.S. Stocks Recover, Pound Erases Drop as Odds on Brexit Decline
(Bloomberg) -- U.S. equities recovered from a five-day retreat, while the pound erased losses after the killing of a British lawmaker coincided with diminished odds the U.K. will vote to leave the European Union.

7. Global Stocks Slide With Pound Amid Brexit Risk as Sovereign Bonds Jump
(Bloomberg) -- Stocks posted their longest slump since February, the British pound tumbled and demand for haven assets sent German 10-year bond yields below zero for the first time, as new opinion polls fueled anxiety that the U.K. will vote to leave the European Union.
8. Stocks Slide With Pound Amid Brexit Risk as Sovereign Bonds Jump
(Bloomberg) -- Stocks posted their longest slump since February, the Britishpound tumbled and demand for haven assets sent German 10-year bond yields below zero for the first time, as new opinion polls fueled anxiety that the U.K. will vote to leave the European Union.

9. U.S. Stocks Extend Slide as Yellen Bounce Ebbs; Gold, Bonds Jump
(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. equity market’s respite from concerns over the global economy failed to last a single day, with the S&P 500 Index erasing gains that earlier put it on track for the biggest advance in three weeks. Treasury yields and the dollar extended declines after Federal Reserve officials signaled a slower pace of interest-rate increases.

10. Why Microsoft, With $100 Billion, Wants a Loan for LinkedIn
(Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. has enough cash to buy LinkedIn Corp. four times over. So why is it taking out a big loan to pay for its latest purchase?


1. Six Events That Could Make Soros a Winner: Mohamed A. El-Erian
(Bloomberg View) -- The Wall Street Journal reported last week that yet another respected longtime investor was trying to call time on financial markets that are getting stranger by the day. George Soros started trading again, positioning himself for what he expects to be a significant decline in risk markets that he views as highly overvalued.

2. The Smart Money That’s Not Worried About Brexit: Mark Gilbert
(Bloomberg View) -- Next week’s British referendum on whether to quit the European Union is starting to spook financial markets, with the pound in particular taking fright at the prospect of a win for the secessionists. But a look at what global fund managers are doing with regard to U.K. equities shows just why it’s so difficult to predict the economic consequences of a British exit.

3. How the European Union Pushed Britain To Leave: Clive Crook
(Bloomberg View) -- So Britain might actually do it. With a week to go before the referendum on June 23, recent polls say the campaign to quit the European Union is ahead. The government and its allies in the Stay campaign are alarmed.

4. How I Helped Inflate the Housing Bubble: Narayana Kocherlakota
(Bloomberg View) -- People are still trying to figure out who was responsible for the run-up and subsequent collapse of U.S. housing prices that spawned the 2008 financial crisis. Some, for example, say it’s the fault of the Federal Reserve, which kept interest rates low to combat the weak economy and low inflation of the early 2000s.

5. Will U.K. Vote Against Europe? Markets Vote No: Matthew Winkler
(Bloomberg View) -- A week before Britain votes on whether to leave the European Union, polls show that the public’s preference is too close to call. Financial markets provide a different view: a persistent expectation that the U.K. will remain. When markets and polls point in different directions, markets tend to be superior prognosticators.


1. Yellen News Conference: Fed Policy, Economy, Brexit
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks at a news conference in Washington about monetary policy, the U.S. economy and next week’s U.K. referendum over its European Union membership.

2.BOJ’s Kuroda Talks About Policy, Economy (Japanese)
Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda talks about policy and the nation’s economy at a press briefing in Tokyo. (Kuroda speaks in Japanese.)

3. The Many, Many Myths of Donald Trump
Donald Trump has spent the entire 2016 presidential campaign letting voters know how successful he has been as a real estate developer, casino mogul, and dealmaker. But Bloomberg View’s Tim O’Brien reveals that Trump’s business career has been anything but stellar. O’Brien knows a thing or two about Trump. He was sued by the presumptive Republican nominee a decade ago for a biography he wrote "Trump Nation: The Art of Being the Donald."

4. FOMC Rate Decision Coverage
Bloomberg Television covers today’s Federal Open Market Committee rate decision announcement.

5. Donald Trump Speaks About Orlando Shooting, Immigration
Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, speaks about the shooting at an Orlando nightclub, U.S. immigration policy and the fight against terrorism. He speaks in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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