• Spanish liberal targets United States of Europe if U.K. stays
  • Lawmakers should decide government’s stance, Rivera says

Albert Rivera, the liberal leader who could play a key role in the next Spanish government, said the Spanish parliament’s permanent committee should meet after the U.K. referendum and called for a renewed push toward European integration.

Lawmakers should “establish the acting government’s position after the Brexit referendum,” Rivera, head of pro-market Ciudadanos, said at a conference in Barcelona Thursday. “If Brexit doesn’t happen, this is the moment to go on the attack and push for real political union that creates a United States of Europe.”

The Spanish Parliament’s permanent committee is group of lawmakers which handle emergency issues when the legislature is closed, typically during the run-up to elections. King Felipe VI dissolved parliament in May after four months of negotiations had failed to produce a governing majority. Spaniard go to the polls on June 26, three days after the U.K. decides whether on not to remain part of the European Union.

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