Macron Says He Wants Hollande to Be Presidential Candidate

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said he wants President Francois Hollande to run for re-election next year when pressed about his own presidential ambitions.

“Of course I want Francois Hollande to be candidate for the presidency,” Macron said on Europe 1 radio. “I am loyal to two things. One: to my ideas and my country. And then, I have personal principles. I know to whom I owe my presence here today to -- Francois Hollande.”

The remarks are made in the context of speculation that Macron himself will make a 2017 presidential bid and calls from some for Hollande to face a primary vote before becoming the Socialist Party’s candidate.

Macron also said that the country has to continue economic reforms in the last year of Hollande’s mandate, even though of course the pace of change may slow.

“Of course we cannot reform as radicially as we would at the beginning of a mandate,” he said. “But we have to prepare the public discussion.”

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