• Free Wi-Fi service to be available while plane is on ground
  • Seat additions, upgrades to start next year, extend into 2019

JetBlue Airways Corp. turns 16 next month and it’s marking the occasion by revamping the cabins of the oldest model in its fleet. The carrier’s goal is to make its Airbus A320 interiors more like those of the newer A321s, which customers have responded to positively, according to Jamie Perry, JetBlue’s vice president of brand and product development.

Here’s what to expect:

More Seats

“Seat densification” is airline lingo for stuffing more seats into the cabins, which chops per-seat costs while boosting revenue. Outfitting JetBlue planes with 162 seats instead of 150 will also require moving two bathrooms and installing a new galley. That still leaves the airline short of the 165-seat plan it set in late 2014 and the 186 seats some carriers have crammed into the same plane. And its new seats will have power outlets and USB ports.

Less Legroom

What’s good for the bottom line is bad for your knees. Each economy row will have 32 inches from the front of one seat to the front of the next, two inches less than in the current configuration.

New Video Screens

The airline is going high-def for new 10.1-inch screens. The existing ones use technology going back to the late 1990s.

More Internet Time

JetBlue is tweaking its fast and free Wi-Fi service to work on the ground. That means you’ll be able to connect as soon as you board, instead of having to wait until the plane takes off and passes 10,000 feet.

Software, via Google

The revamped inflight entertainment system is built around Android-based software. JetBlue says it can store more than 300 on-demand films and television shows. The carrier will also expand its live television channels to more than 100 from 36.

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