Beyond Buffett Rule; Outrage Over Saudi Execution: Saturday Wrap

  • Greek bank governor warns government not to balk at bailout
  • Russia keeps pumping more oil with prices plummeting

Here are highlights of the top breaking-news stories from around the world on Saturday:

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton says she will look to tax upper-income individuals by going beyond the so-called Buffett Rule -- the billionaire’s proposal to set a minimum tax rate of 30 percent for those earning $1 million a year.

Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran was attacked by rioters after the Saudi regime executed 47 people for alleged terrorist acts and crimes against the state, including a prominent Shiite cleric who had criticized the Saudi regime. Even the U.S. State Department was critical, though mildly so, of the cleric’s execution.

Greece’s bailout resurfaced as an issue when a central bank governor warned the government not to stall or balk at implementing bailout terms and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said the country won’t just roll over on pension cuts. 

Dale Bumpers, the former Arkansas governor and U.S. senator probably best known for delivering the closing statement that helped acquit former President Bill Clinton in his 1999 impeachment trial, died at 90.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump sounded off against President Barack Obama’s pending move to enact new rules on gun-show sales by executive order.

Russia’s crude oil output set another post-Soviet record last month even as prices keep plummeting. Iran said its plans to boost production after sanctions end won’t push prices lower.

India vowed to retaliate after gunmen stormed an air force base in northern India. India this time didn’t blame nuclear-armed neighbor Pakistan -- with which it is now trying to repair relations -- and Pakistan condemned the attack.

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