• Embattled Brazil president Says VP has constitutional role
  • Final decision on 2014 accounting is up to Congress: Rousseff

Brazil President Dilma Rousseff said the impeachment request filed against her this week has no valid basis to move forward, and she expects full support from Vice President Michel Temer.

During a visit to the northeastern city of Recife, Rousseff said she trusts Temer to fulfill his constitutional role, even after one of his closest allies, Aviation Minister Eliseu Padilha, submitted a letter of resignation on Thursday. Temer spent the weekend in Sao Paulo after meeting briefly with Rousseff on Thursday morning.

“I expect Michel Temer’s full confidence, and I’m sure that he’ll comply,” Rousseff said Saturday. “I’ve developed my relationship with Temer for a long time, and I know him as a person, as a politician, and as someone loyal to the constitution.”

Temer, who is also the president of the PMDB, the largest party in Congress, will be a deciding factor in the outcome of impeachment proceedings that were opened on Dec. 2 by Eduardo Cunha, the speaker of the lower house of Congress. Cunha, who is also a member of the PMDB, has lashed out at the government since he came under investigation for allegedly hiding money from kickbacks in Swiss bank accounts.

Cunha says the bank accounts aren’t his, because they’re managed by a trust, and the money was earned legally.

Congressional Decision

The impeachment request that Cunha accepted says Rousseff illegally financed her re-election campaign and broke the country’s fiscal responsibility law by using questionable accounting practices to hide a budget deficit this year and last. Rousseff said Saturday that she didn’t commit any illicit acts and that the audit court report calling such practices illegal is just a recommendation, while Congress has the final say.

Rousseff also said she hasn’t been notified of Padilha’s resignation and has “fought to keep him in the government.”

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