• Swiss began their criminal investigation in March 2014
  • Authorities working on case with U.S. Department of Justice

Swiss prosecutors charged four Iraqis for their alleged involvement in plot to carry out a terrorist attack in Europe linked to the militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

The four, aged between 29 and 34, have been charged with preparing for a terrorist attack, unlawful entry to and exit from Switzerland among other accusations, the Swiss Attorney General’s Office said Friday in a statement. The men were not named.

ISIS, as the insurgent group is better known, has seized territory across swathes of Iraq and Syria. At least one of the accused entered Switzerland as early as 2012 and was arrested along with two accomplices in March and April 2014, the prosecutor’s office said.

The three have been held since and appeals to Switzerland’s federal criminal court for their release were rejected, the prosecutor’s office said. The investigation began in March 2014, relying on information from Swiss federal police and has been conducted with help from the U.S. Department of Justice among others.

The fourth man was accused by the prosecutor’s office of traveling to Syria with radio equipment for ISIS.

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