Buses Carrying Refugees Head for Croatia From Serbia, Blic Says

Merkel: The Unlikely Refugee Crisis Hero?

Refugees on at least 20 buses prepared to leave the southern Serbian town of Presevo for Croatia, taking a new route to the European Union after Hungary closed its border with Serbia, the Blic newspaper reported.

The buses transporting refugees to Hungary were heading for the Croatian border, the newspaper said on its website, citing a reporter from the town bordering the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

More than a thousand refugees remained stuck in no-man’s land between Serbia and Hungary after the latter country closed its border crossings, creating a “complex” situation that could “get out of control,” Serbian Labor Minister Aleksandar Vulin said on Tuesday.

EU countries are at odds over how to tackle the region’s worst refugee crisis since World War II, with some joining Germany in calling for a European-wide sharing of the burden and others saying such an approach only encourages more to come. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has taken the toughest stance, announcing plans Tuesday to extend a wire fence on the border with Serbia to part of the country’s frontier with Romania, which is a fellow EU member but, like Croatia, isn’t part of the visa-free travel Schengen zone.

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