Catalonia’s Mas Calls for Accepting the Decision of the Majority

Catalan President Artur Mas, who plans to use regional elections as a de-facto referendum on independence from Spain, called for accepting the decision of the majority, without specifying whether he meant seats in parliament or votes.

The elections are scheduled for Sept. 27, and the campaign officially starts at midnight Friday. Spanish electoral law allows parties to gain a legislative majority without necessarily getting the support of most voters.

“Once the people have spoken through the vote, let us accept the decision of the majority,” Mas said in a speech Thursday in Barcelona. “These elections, which in form are the same” as the previous votes for Catalonia’s parliament, “are not the same in nature.”

While Mas has said that a majority of pro-independence lawmakers would be enough to put in place a road map toward full secession from Spain within 18 months, he has admitted the pace of that process would be different if he and his allies don’t get a majority of the votes.

Junts pel Si, the pro-independence coalition backed by ruling party Convergencia, and CUP, another separatist party, are set to win a combined majority in the 135-seat regional assembly as they have enough support to control as many as 69 seats, according to a poll by the Spanish-state pollster CIS released earlier Thursday. They would obtain a combined 44 percent of the votes, according to the poll.

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