• Logo design is simpler black & white letters, red check mark
  • Ends 15-year run with bright red logo and swooshing stylized Z

Verizon Communications Inc.-- known in wireless industry circles as “Big Red” because of its bright red company stamp -- is rebranding itself with a new black and white logo that has a simple red check mark.

The new symbol will end a 15-year run of the original logo with its bright red background and swooshing “Z.” The company will begin replacing all of the logos in digital formats like on the Web or TV displays. Stores and vehicles won’t be repainted but all new signs, advertising and trucks will have the new logo, the carrier said Wednesday.

It’s the second rebranding at a big American company this week after Google Inc. unveiled a cleaner sans-serif typeface Tuesday, while keeping its four-color palette. Google’s logo remake is one of the biggest changes in style since it was introduced in 1999.

Verizon retained the checkmark that originally appeared above the name. It now comes after the n in a slightly darker red hue. The company calls it a cleaner, more human design and says the checkmark is the “universal symbol for getting things done.”

Diego Scotti, Verizon’s chief marketing officer, has been working to strengthen the brand since being hired almost a year ago. Scotti was previously the head of marketing at J.Crew.

With the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE in 2000, the combined company opted for a new identity that would help break from its history as a regional telephone company. The choice was a mashup of words like veracity and horizon that became Verizon.

Other Verizon branding attempts include FiOS, short for fiber optic service, that can be pronounced either Fy-ohs or Fy-ahs by some.

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