Happy Monday: New Jersey Transit Commuters Face Rail, Bus Delays

New Jersey commuters heading back to work in Manhattan are dealing with delays on multiple fronts.

Buses en route to the Port Authority Bus Terminal were delayed as much as 60 minutes after a vehicle fire in the Lincoln Tunnel. Rail passengers faced similar delays because of a disabled train in the north tube under the Hudson River.

New Jersey Transit, the nation’s third-largest transportation agency, has come under increasing scrutiny after malfunctioning equipment caused delays as long as 90 minutes on six occasions in July. On social media, riders directed their frustrations at Governor Chris Christie, who killed a tunnel in 2010 that would have doubled peak service to Manhattan.

Christie, a Republican who is running for president, said he had concerns about the design of that tunnel as well as potential cost overruns.

The commuter hassles have revived talks on Gateway, an alternative tunnel proposed by Amtrak in February 2011. The $16 billion project, which includes replacement of the key Manhattan link on Amtrak’s Washington-to-Boston Northeast Corridor, has languished without financial commitments.

Christie has said he would support Gateway as long as the costs are fairly distributed across the region.

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