System Failure Snarls Flights; Chewie, Meet Goofy: Saturday Wrap

Here are highlights of the top breaking-news stories from around the world on Saturday:

If you or someone you know was trying to fly in or out of the U.S. East Coast today, you lived this story: A computer failure at a regional air-traffic control center backed up air traffic from New York to Florida well after the system was restored.

Call it the Mouse That Roared Like Chewbacca: The long-rumored “Star Wars” parks are finally coming to Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe elected not to visit a Tokyo war shrine on the 70th anniversary of the country’s defeat in World War II, continuing to try to straddle the middle on the hugely sensitive issue of how to atone for its past aggression.

The death toll from the Tianjin explosion in China reached 104, and authorities ordered an evacuation around the site on fears of contamination.

Arizona’s Jeff Flake, one of the few Republican senators whom President Barack Obama’s administration had hoped might support the Iran nuclear deal, said he won’t.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s allies are supporting the Greece bailout deal, if not exactly with enthusiasm, ahead of a Wednesday vote in parliament.

Dish Network Corp. complained to U.S. regulators that Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. is taking illegal actions that could result in hundreds of local channels not being available to Dish satellite-TV customers after midnight New York time.

Ecuador declared a state of emergency ahead of a possible major volcanic eruption that included a gag order on media reporting information not issued by the national government and a suspension of some constitutional liberties.

Prime Minister David Cameron said the U.K. is doing all it can to prevent people from entering the country illegally and refused to apologize for using the word “swarm” to describe immigrants coming to Europe from North Africa.

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