Obama Climate-Change Rules, Koch Comparison to MLK: Sunday Wrap

Here are highlights of some of the top news stories from around the world on Sunday:

President Barack Obama’s administration began to roll out details of a climate-change initiative costing an estimated $8.4 billion that promises to upend a century of electrical power generation by prodding states and utilities to use less coal and more wind, solar and natural gas.

Following a speech to Republican donors and activists that called for an end to “corporate welfare” for banks and Wall Street, billionaire Charles Koch compared his political movements to ones that advocated for civil rights and the abolition of slavery.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called for early elections, kicking off a tough fight what will be the country’s longest campaign since 1872.

Donald Trump, affirmed as the U.S. Republican presidential front-runner in a new poll, went on three Sunday talk shows to opine about how much he hates paying taxes and why Hillary Clinton should be afraid of a Joe Biden candidacy -- around proclaiming “You’re Fired” to an aide linked to postings of racist messages on Facebook.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the historic nuclear accord signed with six powers, including the U.S., was a “great achievement” for Iran because it meant it’s seen as a country the rest of the world wants to engage with, rather than as a threat to peace.

Australia’s speaker of the House resigned amid a scandal over using taxpayer money to travel by helicopter to a political fundraiser.

Jericho the lion, who isn’t the brother of the late Cecil after all, isn’t dead, either.

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