Libya’s Thinni Says He Hopes to Sign Peace Deal at UN Talks

Libya’s prime minister said he’s hopeful that a peace deal can be signed during talks in Morocco on Thursday to end the civil conflict in the oil-rich nation.

“There will be a lot of discussions tomorrow and there are people in favor and against,” Abdullah al-Thinni told reporters in Malta, where he stopped off en route to joining the United Nations-brokered negotiations. “We aspire to realise this agreement.”

Al-Thinni heads a government that’s internationally recognized but only controls part of the country and has been pushed out of the capital, Tripoli, where a rival administration holds sway. Libya’s deepening divisions since the fall of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011 have slashed oil output and allowed Islamic State militants to establish a foothold.

Al-Thinni said that once a unity government was set up, it would continue to fight against Islamic State.

Bernardino Leon, the UN envoy who is mediating the talks, said earlier this week that agreement has been reached on “almost 100 percent” of the issues that divide the sides.

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