These Greeks Are Having a Party

The Greeks Celebrating as the Economy Sinks

The banks are closed, ATMs are running out cash and talk of financial meltdown dominates the airwaves, but some in Greece are actually celebrating.

In the courtyard outside the Athens School of Fine Arts in the city's impoverished Piraeus district there's a collegiate, party atmosphere. There's a live band, barbecue and cold beer. There are also huge "Smash the EU" banners and "Exit the euro" posters. The school is hosting an international anti-EU forum.

Holding court as one of the star speakers is George Sapounas, a member of the ruling Syriza party's executive committee, and a voice for those on the left of an already left-wing party.

He said he couldn't be happier with the government's decision to call a referendum - even if it means short-term economic meltdown, and a possible exit from the euro.

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