Photographer: Andrew Harrer

The Current State of Uber’s Global Challenges, Mapped

Keeping track of the car-booking company’s opposition around the world

It hasn’t been a smooth ride for Uber Technologies. The car-booking company has a knack for riling up the taxi and limousine industry, which has often responded with protests such as those in Paris and San Francisco.

Uber also routinely upsets regulators, which are challenging or banning the company from California to India. Last week, French President François Hollande said Uber's service is illegal and called for it to be dismantled. The latest bump in the road involves drivers in China scamming Uber via fake fares. Uber faces challenges practically everywhere, and we’ve mapped out some of the highlights below.

Problems aside, Uber was raising a $1.5 billion funding round as recently as May that would value the closely held technology company at $50 billion. The six-year-old company has recently begun to put more cash toward hiring lobbyists, and the strategy has proved effective. Just look at Portland, Ore. Uber has been rapidly expanding to about 300 cities in 57 countries.

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