Ghana Sends Military to Capital as Roads Flooded, Power Cut

The Ghanaian military and police began rescuing people in the capital after floods cut access to major roads and knocked power out in much of the coastal city.

Most of Accra, a city of about four million people, was dark Wednesday night after six hours of rain, the Ministry of Communications said in an e-mailed statement. The state power company had to make an emergency cut after damage to the Achimota station, according to the statement.

“Many suburbs of Accra and surrounding parts have been heavily affected leading to heavy restriction of movement of people,” according to the statement. “The general public is kindly advised to avoid fast moving rainwater, and areas they know have big drains. Stay on higher ground, where necessary, to prevent loss of life.”

The capital of the world’s second-largest cocoa producer struggles with floods every year because of a lack of drainage canals and sewers to divert rainwater. Standing pools of water have led to regular outbreaks of waterborne diseases, including cholera. The city reported the most cholera cases in more than 20 years last year.

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